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MAKE students launch their brand ‘Out of the Woods’
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Written by make willow artist and MAKE student Ellen Mulcrone (see her work here)

We are a group of nine 17-28 year olds who have taken part in a 3 week course called MAKE at Edventure (The Welshmill Hub in Frome). Having never met before we have learnt how to design, make and sell collaboratively in preparation for a stall at The Frome Independent Market on Sunday July 2nd (located outside the Share shop on the bridge).

Having chosen to make only from ‘junk’ wood, we have scavenged and salvaged from all corners of Frome, unwanted hidden gems which we have repurposed into beautiful bespoke gifts and bird boxes.

With the aim to inspire people to remake, reuse and to bring some of the woodland magic in to town, we have named ourselves ‘Out of the Woods’.

The MAKE course currently runs 3 times a year and has included woodwork, textiles and a food project. This MAKE course is not being funded by its usual funding stream so we aim to raise £500 to cover the costs.
Instead of traditionally pricing each item we will be exploring a new payment approach, in which people pay the price they feel the product deserves – “pay as you feel”.

We have been meeting for 20 hours each week at Edventure in Frome, working with a skilled carpenter, gaining insights from a variety of local entrepeneurs and making use of the workshop/remakery space set up here (which is now also available to the public!).

Come and say hello on Sunday 2nd July and help us to raise the funds for towards running these free courses!

Find more about us here:

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The Remakery Frome… Set up by ‘Start – Up’ students
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What it is

The Remakery is a shared workshop equipped with tools to enable making, fixing and up-cycling in Frome. People can use it for their hobbies, projects or to incubate a making business. Our vision is bring people together to inspire each other, repair more and enjoy making.

How it works

Members can drop in anytime between 3-8pm Monday to Friday, and in the morning whenever there is no workshop or class running. The cost is £15 a year plus £3 each time you drop in (concessions available).

Remakery Repair Festival

We celebrated the launch with a week long festival of repair and up-cycling. Events included table making with Stu from the Chisel and Grain, textiles up-cycling with Louis Montero and Stina Falle and finally PC TLC with Allen McClaren.

The finale of the week was our official launch party where we presented the Remakery to the community at its current stage (there is still a lot of work to do!).

We put on an exhibition of upcycling featuring the work of local designers and craftspeople including a dress by Haley Trezise of Raggedy and jewellery by Christina. Local artist Sarah Godsill captured the proceedings through beautiful sketches (see more of her event illustration here) with photography by Finley John and myself

Edgy Veggie laid on a delicious vegetarian feast with lentil burgers, roast potatoes and mixed veg and we had the pleasure of hosting young musicians Evey hunter and Kane Pollastrone to play for us.

We hosted an open workshop in the Remakery where we invited members of the community to help us with the final touches to the space while Sophie from Yssabeauchet ran a crochet workshop.

In the afternoon we ran a World Cafe around the subject of our relationship to ‘stuff’. Participants sat together in an informal Cafe setting to discuss the value of the stuff we own individually and as a collective. The conversation looked forward to how our perspective might change in the future. It was a great opportunity for reflection and exchanging insights about the value of sharing, repair and education. At the end of the session we came together to summarise our opinions and make some resolutions for the future.

All in all the day was a great success. It was incredibly rewarding to see the community respond so positively to our work and to see people engaging about the subject of a repair economy in Frome.

Interested to find out more about the Remakery? visit our website or email for a free trail session.

Want to set up a community enterprise like this? Applications are open for Edventure’s next ‘Start – Up’ course. 

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Apply now for our edventure: START-UP course and gain a professional qualification in Entrepreneurship
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Applications are now open for our next edventure: START-UP course. The course will begin on September 4th and will run for 10 weeks plus you will have the option of 6-months of  follow-up support.

A team of up to 10 students will be set the challenge of starting up a community enterprise initiative, gaining hands-on start-up experience, transferable skills, a supportive network and the option to complete a Level 3 professional qualification in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship.

The upcoming challenge for September will be to start-up an initiative integrated into SHARE – a library of things, with the aim to enable more ‘sharing’ in Frome, tackle throw-away culture, and help make SHARE a financially sustainable social enterprise.

‘SHARE – a library of things’ was set up by Edventure students 2 years ago, and was the first ‘Library of things’ in the UK. Share has now over 500 members in Frome and it has inspired similar initiatives in other towns. It now needs to stand on its own two feet and become independent of grant funding – a challenge that many initiatives face in the time of austerity.

Our students will have the opportunity to design and implement an additional enterprise project (trading arm) for SHARE and learn how to run a crowdfunding campaign.

Besides going through all the steps of starting a community enterprise (e.g., market research, ideas generation, business planning, marketing and outreach), this challenge provides lots of hands-on and creative opportunities – such as designing a shop front, creating a brand, building a shop interior, reaching out to the local community, and coming up with new products for SHARE.

This course will be a particularly useful experience for people who want to run a ‘Library of Things’ or similar initiative as well as anyone who is interested in working in a social enterprise, community initiative or small business.

We are looking for a team of diverse young adults 18-35 years old. You don’t need formal qualifications or previous experience to apply. If you have experience in any aspect of the course we will help you to take your learning to the next level.

We are looking for young adults who are up for a challenge, who learn best by doing, and who want to gain experience for making their own ideas happen – whether this is starting a business, self-employment, community project or social enterprise.


Click here for more information.

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We won Community Enterprise of the Year 2017
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We are very happy to have been awarded the Community Enterprise of the Year Awards from the Mendip Business Awards 2017. Mendip has some incredibly exiting businesses – its great to be part of this community! Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, students and community members who have build Edventure over the past (almost!!) 5 years in Frome.



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