Written by make willow artist and MAKE student Ellen Mulcrone (see her work here)

We are a group of nine 17-28 year olds who have taken part in a 3 week course called MAKE at Edventure (The Welshmill Hub in Frome). Having never met before we have learnt how to design, make and sell collaboratively in preparation for a stall at The Frome Independent Market on Sunday July 2nd (located outside the Share shop on the bridge).

Having chosen to make only from ‘junk’ wood, we have scavenged and salvaged from all corners of Frome, unwanted hidden gems which we have repurposed into beautiful bespoke gifts and bird boxes.

With the aim to inspire people to remake, reuse and to bring some of the woodland magic in to town, we have named ourselves ‘Out of the Woods’.

The MAKE course currently runs 3 times a year and has included woodwork, textiles and a food project. This MAKE course is not being funded by its usual funding stream so we aim to raise £500 to cover the costs.
Instead of traditionally pricing each item we will be exploring a new payment approach, in which people pay the price they feel the product deserves – “pay as you feel”.

We have been meeting for 20 hours each week at Edventure in Frome, working with a skilled carpenter, gaining insights from a variety of local entrepeneurs and making use of the workshop/remakery space set up here (which is now also available to the public!).

Come and say hello on Sunday 2nd July and help us to raise the funds for towards running these free courses!

Find more about us here: