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Why live in Frome?

We saw this today on somebody’s kitchen wall in Frome. Available from The Art Works Frome 01373 451801. By Aardvark…


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Communities Living Sustainably Big Lottery Fund for Frome

Sustainable Frome and Frome Town Council want to make Frome more resilient to the challenges presented by climate change. They are working in partnership with the Cheese & Grain, Aster Communities, Radstock Co-operative Society, Frome Development Community Interest Company, Forward Space and edventure: Frome to explore how this could be achieved.

The partnership has just handed in the second-stage bid for the 1 million pounds Communities Living Sustainably fund from the Big Lottery. Fingers crossed…

More info HERE

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Creativity is at the heart of the edventureship – Annabelle Macfadyen and Sir Ken Robinson

The other day we had some exciting conversations with Annabelle Macfadyen, resident in Frome. Her work spans the realms of theatre, music, dance, community arts, flash-mops, movement, cabaret and carnival. She has offered to support participants with their creative projects, and facilitate some creative group challenges.

Fostering Creativity is at the heart of our pedagogical philosophy. Sir Ken Robinson’s talk explains nicely why we need to rethink education, and why creativity should be at the heart of it.

More about what you can gain on the edventureship HERE.





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Some wisdom about change on the cycle path between Frome and Bristol

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Design-Thinking Day for Edventure Frome with Philipp Breil

A few month ago, when Edventure Frome was still simply called “the thing”, when we had no idea where this project would take us, we gathered for the first design thinking day with the core-team…

Here a few fond memories…

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Host a community Changemaker in Frome

Do you live in Frome and have a spare room?
Do you want to support a young adult to create a sustainable livelihood and make a positive difference in Frome?

edventure: Frome is a new community initiative prototyping its new model for Community Supported Education in Frome. We are seeking ‘local hosts’ who can offer accommodation, on a non-monetary work-exchange basis, to its 15 new participants starting their edventureship year in Frome September 24th.
Participants will be working full time on the edventureship programme; which will support them to make a positive difference in Frome, while preparing them with the skills and capacities to create a meaningful livelihood. Each student will require accommodation for three 14 week terms, which can be split across different local hosts.

The exchange agreement between students and hosts will be negotiated on an individual basis with the support of edventure: Frome. We are seeking to create mutual benefit for our participants and local people in Frome, on an individual and community level.
We do ask that the work undertaken by the students take a maximum of 6 hours as the edventureship programme will require full-time commitment from all of its participants.
Basic meals will be provided through the edventureship programme, although you may want to share some meals together.

Please email us ([email protected]) if you are interested in learning more about the initiative and how you as a host can benefit and contribute. We will be organising an information evening end of July.

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Collaborative Design Day of Edventure Frome

We’ve come a long way since our first Collaborative Design Day in February.

Watch this to see how things started (click here)…


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