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A Visit to the Somerset Wood Recycling Centre

Yesterday Ben and Mick and I drove up to Weston-Super-Mare to visit the Somerset Wood Recycling Centre . We arrived and were greeted by Jim, who took a whole 2 hours out of his day to show us round the amazing center. He was so helpful, giving us great tips and answered all of our questions. He hid nothing. The center has become an amazing catalyst for rehabilitation as they work with people from every background and need. It is clear to see that education is at the core of the project,  the produce they create is very inspiring, and their wood store is a beauty to behold, with Andaman Island Teak among the collection!

However, we are still a long way from this becoming a reality with many hours spent by a computer screen researching, applying for funding and looking for a suitable space!

Nonetheless, it was amazing to go and visit a working center after so many hours of research. It made the whole idea real. I was told by a wise man that as long as you believe you can do it, then of course you can do it.

Here’s a video they made about two years ago describing what they’re about. I really recommend having a look.

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Week 5: Communications, assignments, field trips and colds….

Another week hard at work on organising our organisation! This week we nailed the communication strategy, so as long as we find an army of workers for the communication Zoo you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from us through blogs, facebook, twitter and a newsletter!

Harry and Camilla have been working really hard to organise our catering assignment for Frome’s very own Independents Day (Sat the 17th of Nov – don’t miss it!) . They have been meeting lots of really great local suppliers and getting advice and recipes from caterers. The food is set to be delicious and educational! These two food mad edventurers have also been getting all our group food organised, which will include a weekly organic veg bag to take home for everyone and a christmas hamper from Frome Wholefoods, we are eternally grateful!

Ben went on a really inspiring trip up to the College Project in Bristol, a 6 acre campus that has been transformed over the past two years in to a vibrant, creative community learning space, a huge inspiration for the Edventure Hub ( Ben is hoping to take the whole group up some time in the next month….

Ben also went with Zoe down to visit Vallis Veg to chat growing with Chris Smadge. There are lots of potential project to do on the land down there, most likely in the Spring, and we will be doing some work in exchange for vegetables for the delicious soups we will be making for Independents Day.

With 4 out of 7 of us down with heavy colds, and Johannes away in Rome it was a very unconventional monday meeting today, at home by the fire with plenty of lemon and ginger tea. Still an exciting week planned with some of the group going off to work at the half-term Forest School with Helen Moore and Alex Hart, others visiting the Weston Super Mare Wood Recycling project, and a big group gardening session down at Vallis Veg on Friday.

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Designing our curriculum
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