Edventure 2012 – 2013 has started September 23rd with a new crew of 7 apprentices.

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Before everyone is starting with their own enterprises and projects in January, we have an exciting and challenging set of projects lined up until Christmas – an opportunity to gain basic skills in social entrepreneurship, to generate income, and make a positive contribution to Frome. Right now, the apprentices are working to set up the Edventure Hub based at the Welshmill in Frome. We have over 2000 sq. ft. to play with to create

“a place which helps to strengthen the community in Frome by offering an informal, creative environment for young adults to pursue their own passions, projects and enterprises, working alongside other businesses and organisations that are dedicated to building a more resilient Frome”. Or as a couple of our apprentices put it: “a marvellous, making, sexy, slick thinking, with famously food in a funky fusion, all combined in a pot of twisted events and workspace”.

In the last few weeks, we have been busy with a broad range of activities – business planning, market research, building coffee tables out of old industrial fans, renovating, training in group leadership, conflict resolution and team building. Yesterday, we had a Graham Burgess – a town councillor and architect – help us with the design of the space, and help us think through how we can build a professional work, learn and meeting space with natural and recycled materials on a very low budget.

On Monday 21st, we will be starting with the “Community Build” of the hub – anyone who is interested in helping with the design and building of the hub is very welcome to join in – free lunches provided. Email us on [email protected] if you would like to get involved!

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