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Our Wood-fired Pizza oven is ready for the Summer – PRESS RELEASE
Our wood-fired oven is ready to rock!

Edventure Frome’s apprentices have set up a portable, wood-fired pizza oven business to cater at community events, private functions and garden parties in Frome.

The business provides training and employment opportunities for young adults in Frome, and all profits go back into supporting young people to start up their own projects, self-employment and businesses in Frome.

Katie Lyttle and Redd How, the two apprentices at Edventure who set up the enterprise, said: “We took the opportunity to have a go at setting up a catering business. We began from scratch, sourcing ingredients, learning how to make dough and working out how to use the oven. We completed our food hygiene exam and learnt about the health and safety of outdoor catering. Finance was also a key element of this task, understanding profit margins, budgeting, and learning about spreadsheets. One of the other apprentices worked on branding for the business. Where possible we source our ingredients for the pizzas locally and from the Frome market. Local market stall holders were so supportive, sharing contacts and offering deals. Frome’s community really is something special.”

The Wood-fired Pizza Oven has already catered at several private events, and community events organised by Frome Town Council and Aster communities. To book the Pizza oven for your event or garden party please email [email protected] for prices.

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The Welsh Mill Hub, a community workspace and venue for Frome: PRESS RELEASE
A new community workspace and venue opens in Frome.

The Welsh Mill Hub is based five minutes’ walk from the town centre along the river Frome. The community workspace and venue offers shared office and workshop space, meeting and event space for up to 100 people and simple food.

The idea of the Welsh Mill Hub is to bring people together from different backgrounds in Frome, to share skills, work together and access affordable and versatile workspace. It is already used by a very diverse group of people, including entrepreneurs and artisans, young people and established professionals, community groups and freelancers.

The way the Welsh Mill Hub was set up is unique in the UK. It was set up by Edventure Frome’s apprentices, who had the opportunity to start-up this satellite enterprise. Edventure Frome is a company providing independent training in social entrepreneurship and supporting young adults to start up their own projects, businesses or self-employment.

Neil Oliver, one of the Directors of Edventure Frome said: “We set our 7 apprentices the challenge to create a community space that would be financially sustainable, help young adults make their ideas happen, and be part of creating an inspiring and resilient town. We gave them 6 weeks, £500, mentoring and an empty 2000 square feet space to make it happen.”

The group of apprentices started the challenge by consulting with people in Frome and developing a business model. They had to do market research, come up with a name and develop the brand. They then renovated the old industrial space, which had previously been used by an engineering company. During the build, mainly recycled and gifted materials were used, and over 20 volunteers from the local community helped with the project. The group of 18 – 30 year old apprentices built partition walls using offcuts from a local saw-mill, desks out of old, industrial workbenches, a coffee table out of an old fan, and room dividers out of pallets. The Frome based charity ADD donated office chairs and plants, and Richard Wallace, a local carpenter built a beautiful door out of waste wood from a skip.

Meki Nattero, another Director of Edventure Frome, said: “It was amazing to see how much the community got involved in creating The Welsh Mill Hub and how much our apprentices learned from the experience of setting it up”.

The Welsh Mill Hub is a social enterprise itself. All profits generated through hiring out work, event and meeting space is used to support unemployed, young adults. Young adults can use the work-space without paying, and Edventure is offering support and mentoring for starting up projects, businesses or self-employment. The Welsh Mill Hub is also giving employment to young adults in Frome. Brett, an 18 year old who had been unemployed since leaving college last year, just started as the resident cook at The Welsh Mill.

Anyone who is interested in hiring event and meeting space, or shared office and workshop space, contact Johannes Moeller on 07706761622 or email [email protected].




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Edventure Strategic Planning November 2013
Influential in the direction of Edventure

How shall we develop edventure: Frome as a sustainable and replicable social enterprise over the next 3 years?

VISION:   What do we see in place 3 years from now?

  • An inspiring demonstration of positive impact 
    • A BBC Documentary about ‘the way of edventure’
    • Case Study :  Leader in innovative methods
    • A strong visible portfolio of case studies
    • Landlords Inspired by use of space
    • We can demonstrate the impact of edventure using an effective evaluation tool
    • Statue of Johannes with kaboodles of money and a knighthood
    • An array of success stories
  • Meaningful livelihoods make thriving Frome
    • The capacity built by edventure stays within Frome
    • Young people are staying and setting up responsible business
    • Network of offshoot enterprises
    • ‘One planet’ edventure
    • Frome is a hotbed for social enterprise
    • Frome is a better place because of edventure
  • Edventure is embedded, valued & influential in Frome
    • Established and valued service provider in Frome
    • Active, visible, respected group in Frome
    • Advocates for edventure from a cross-section of Frome
    • University of facilitation practice
    • Linked into & valued by FCLP
    • Diverse purposeful & fun youth culture
  • Edventure is recognised as local, inclusive, diverse & accessible
    • Bringing people together and creating opportunities
    • We are holding a celebration for people involved with edventure (0-120 years)
    • Have case studies of working with all the communities of Frome
  • A well-resourced and sustainable business
    • Well-resourced and thriving hub
    • Strong supportive admin team
    • 3-year core funding
    • £100k in reserves and a full team of staff
    • A thriving Welshmill community space
    • Edventure is sponsored by Lord Sugar
  • Seeds are taking root
    • An apprentice has started another edventure
    • A strong replicable brand
    • Edventure umbrella body
    • Clear vision & identity
  • A magnet for young people
    • Every young person in Frome knows edventure can help
    • A raft of young people
    • There is a waiting list

CONTRADICTIONS: What is blocking us from moving towards our vision?

  • We have limited capacity to meet access requirements
    • Restrictions on use of space
    • Not inclusive – physical access, special needs
  • We tend to overstretch ourselves
    • Doing too much at once
    • Concern & energy spread too wide
    • Short-term activity compromises long-term vision
  • Tension between being driven by demand vs. mission
    • People don’t necessarily want/ seek diversity
    • Limited packages limit accessibility
    • We are not yet creating enough opportunities to unite people who are different
    • We are not responding to demand of young people of Frome
  • Suspicion of the new & different deters people from engaging
    • Not able to communicate effectively
    • People are threatened because they don’t understand
    • Perception of exclusivity (hippy, alternative, middle class)
    • Actively not valued or trusted by agencies
    • Not enough advocates with influence
    • Giving impression of being too alternative
    • Being new/ threatening in an established community of service providers
  • Unclear outcomes deter engagement
    • Outcomes for edventure are unclear
    • Difficult to communicate vision convincingly
    • Misunderstanding of expectation by & of apprentices
    • Difficulty of accessing long-term funding
    • Unknown entity to young people (risk, justify on CV)
    • We do not yet know our niche
    • Not able to communicate edventure effectively
  • We are start-up pioneers
    • We are believing our own assumptions
    • No tried & tested business model
    • Experience, time, track record – build before collapse
    • Unknown entity to other bodies (new, different)
    • Edventure hasn’t flowered (yet)
  • We have yet to find a way to measure impact
    • Not able to communicate effectively
    • Learning, income, social impact – tension
    • How to measure impact?
    • Difficulty measuring reach & impact
  • Our background is not business
    • Financial vulnerability
    • Business expertise needed
    • Misunderstanding of business needs
Time limitations – spread ourselves too thin

STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS: What practical actions will deal with our underlying contradictions and move us toward our vision?

Creatively Pioneering and Demonstrating Social Impact

  • Experiment
    • Trial new support packages, record & evaluate
  • Evidence
    • Document learning as part of pioneering approach
    • Seek input on creative tools to measure impact
    • Build simple measurement into day to day procedure
    • Strong social media coverage
    • Use ‘Good Analyst’ framework to define & measure impact
    • Create an impact portfolio
    • Find out how others (similar) measure impact, e.g.: for funding
    • Participants tell edventure’s story through their own experiences

Nurturing Supportive, Beneficial Networks and Partnerships

  • Connect
    • Join Frome community learning network
    • Meet & talk to more local community groups
    • Going out to meet people & build relationships in community (i.e.: join a group)
  • Partner
    • Partner with existing business learning places
    • Link with established partner, i.e.: Princes Trust, UnLtd
  • Be supported
    • Seek similar examples to edventure
    • Seek business support relationship
    • Guidance from pioneering start-up for now & future
    • Scheduled time for business planning with mentors
    • Seek support from other pioneering organisations
    • Seek out business expertise

Delivering Clear and Focussed Outcomes

  • Relax
    • Creative use of the truth to fundraise
  • Clarify
    • Design a partnership contract
    • Clarify on needs requirements for apprentices
    • Clear guidelines about services regularly updated & improved
    • Write clear rules of engagement for users
    • For each vision create a detailed account of what it would look like
    • Understand and acknowledge access restrictions
    • Agree our capacity to support individual needs
  • Focus
    • Narrow frame of intent
    • Decide on criteria for taking on new projects
    • Do less but better: prioritise, be patient
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Edventure apprenticeship in social entrepreneurship ~ apply now!

The Edventure Apprenticeship is a free 9-month training and experiment in creating a meaningful livelihood through social entrepreneurship. It includes team challenges, training and mentoring, and the opportunity to start a project, business or self-employment.

Applications are now open.

This is Edventure’s learning space and community venue. Come and say hi at the Welsh Mill Hub.

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