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April’s Start – Up challenge ‘Making things and supporting mental health’
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Applications are open for Start – Up, a free 10 week course for 18 – 35 year old’s where students learn by setting up a community enterprise in a team.

Starting April 23rd, students will work on a challenge to set up an initiative inspired by the Frome mens SHED. Our new initiative aims to bring young adults together to connect to others whilst making products, crafts and art in the Remakery workshop.

The idea of this new Edventure start up is to:

  • Provide an inclusive and welcoming space for all forms of creativity and productivity.
  • Support mental health – we know that things like depression and anxiety are helped through connecting to others, being a part of something and keeping busy in positive ways.
  • Give people a platform to begin selling things they make and moving towards a meaningful livelihood.
  • Provide an ongoing, regular activity at Edventure for anyone aged 18 – 35 including past MAKE and Start – Up students.

The Frome mens SHED is based in the building where we run our Edventure courses.

Through coming together to do practical activities, SHED members meet others and get to feel a part of something.

“Mens SHEDs are community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. The activities are often similar to those of garden sheds, but for groups of men to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, they’re fun”.

The Frome SHED has inspired us to set up an equivalent for young adults. The student team will research young people’s needs locally as well as similar projects in other places. With this information they will design and set up a weekly event.

A team of Remakery start up students in workshop

We imagining that during these events our community workshop and co-working space will be filled with people doing things like woodwork, metal-work, clothing upcycling, screen printing and painting.

Although the initiative will not be directly focussed on mental health, we would like it to support mental health. Most people through their lifetimes experience some form of mental health challenge, in particular young people.  We would like this space to be somewhere where people can be open about what is really going on for them in their lives.

Edventure also wants to support people to create livelihoods that matter to them and we know that there are many young people who dream of making an income selling the things they have made. Part of the students team challenge will be to find avenues for the makers to sell their creations.

Through this challenge, students will get the opportunity to go through the stages of setting up a social business – from market research to business planning, from generating ideas to project planning, branding and launching the idea. All of this whilst learning to work in a team and step into leadership.

We are looking for 18 – 35 year olds who are up for a challenge and want to make this idea happen. To find out more and to apply click here. If you’re interested in this project and would like to get involved in other ways please email [email protected]

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Keeping the Faith in 2019
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We’ve been inspired and heartened by this article – 7 Reasons to Keep the Faith in 2019 by resident Welsh Mill Hub-er, Matt Melen, AKA The Ecohustler who says,

“As we shift to the post-industrial economy new types of businesses will succeed, new types of leader will take charge and a new world will emerge. Hold onto your hats… it is going to be a wild ride… and we are all part of the change that is happening”.

We are glad and grateful to be part of that wild ride and we’d like to invite you to join us. Our upcoming initiatives are all themed around the new economy that’s emerging. We can all participate in helping to create the kind of world we want to live in. As the article says

“These extraordinary times call for each and every one of us to stand up and do what we can for our home planet”

Please join us.

All the best,
Edventure: Frome

Tackling the Big Issues Together

We’re looking for people who want to actively transform their local economy. If you have ideas and want to get involved with tackling the big issues facing our planet, then please join us for this trio of short-courses hosted by deeply experienced activists…

The New Economy in Practice

The New Economy in Practice Tue 5 Feb: Explore ways to draw on our existing skills, knowledge & connections to build the practical initiatives required to face the ecological, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century. With Tim Crabtree of Schumacher College.

Transform Your Local Economy in One Day

Transform Your Local Economy in One Day Tue 26 Feb: Exploring citizen-led economic transition strategy – how to run a Local Economic Forum and leverage that into a broader community-led economic strategy. With Jay Tompt, Coordinator of the Totnes Reconomy Project.

Edventure Facilitation & Course Design

Edventure Facilitation & Course Design Tue 4 & Wed 5 Mar: Our action learning approach is rooted in our local community. This is for people who would like to do similar work in their communities, either by replicating our work or using our learning as a building block to design their own courses and initiatives. With Johannes Moeller, Edventure Co-Founder and MD.

Become Part of an Edventure Team

Gain skills and experience to step towards a livelihood that matters to you, and learn how to trackle the issues you care about.

Edventure Start-Up

23 Apr-27 Jun: 10 students – 10 weeks – 1 challenge – to set up a community enterprise. (Watch a typical challenge in the video below). Our course in community entrepreneurship is about turning ideas into reality. It’s free & part-time.

Edventure: MAKE

18 Mar – 8 Apr: 3 weeks from the woods to the market. Learn to MAKE ethical products with your hands using green wood. And learn how to make a making business. (Watch a short intro in this video). Its free & part-time.

Experience Edventure for Real or on TV!

We’re working to grow enterprises & initiatives as part of a sustainable economy that works for all…and to support others to do the same. Here’s a couple of simple ways to learn more about our work…

Edventure Tour

Edventure: Tour Join us for a walking tour of our local initiatives. Meet our team, ask anything you like and get honest, warts and all answers! Continuing chat afterwards over lunch at The Good Heart. Valued connections were made at our last tour – we’re looking forward to seeing who we’ll meet next!

BBC Countryfile: Please watch us on Countryfile Diaries in Feb. Jen Gale visits BBC Countryfile presenter Paul Hewitt and does a sustainable lifestyle audit on his home. She brings him to several Edventure projects find creative alternatives for items that would otherwise end up in landfill. As soon as we have the final date, we’ll announce it here

Come to our Local Sharing Community Events

Our local initiatives are designed to help create a stronger, more resilient, sharing community.

SHARE Repair & Upcycle Cafe Sun 10 Feb: Bring your broken things. Our volunteers fix them and share their skills with you. You take your items back home. Together we prevent things from going to landfill; save money; learn new skills; make connections with like-minded local peeps; drink tea and eat cake!

The Frome Wardrobe Collective Sat 16 Mar: A sustainable, affordable and ethical alternative to high street retailers – get a whole new wardrobe instead, for the price of a cup of coffee! Dig out last years jeans and get ready to swap till you drop – there’ll be food, music and community spirit!

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