A new season for Edventure: Board changes and exciting opportunities

The Edventure Board is delighted to announce the appointment, through a unanimous vote, of Esther Maughan McLachlan as the new Chair, with immediate effect. 

Edventure is a non-profit C.I.C. supporting community entrepreneurship in Somerset. Edventure brings people together to start things up, tackle community issues and gain skills and confidence to build a positive future  – creating meaningful livelihoods, a resilient town and a fairer, greener world. Edventure offers a wide range of opportunities for young people and the wider community, from the longstanding 11 week Start Up programme to business breakfasts, mentoring, Make:Shed and Future Shed, a support network for climate and health projects.

Esther has been a Frome resident for 16 years and has a professional background in climate and sustainability innovation in both the private and non-profit sectors. Over the past year that Esther has been on the Edventure board, her focus has been on the Green and Healthy Frome project. Esther will be Edventure’s first female Chair.

Esther will build on the good work of outgoing Chair, Craig Lister, who helped recruit and embed our new CEO, Doug Stewart, improved management processes and was in post for the celebration of  Edventure’s 10 year anniversary last summer. 

Craig remains on the Edventure board, and in a planned change, Johannes Moeller, Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of Edventure, will step down after the April 2023 board meeting, while remaining in his role as Chair of Green and Healthy Frome until the end of July 2023. 

Esther commented, “The Board are grateful to Craig for chairing Edventure at a moment of change, and wish Johannes every success in whatever comes next! He leaves a valuable legacy and a strong work programme with Green and Healthy Frome, and we on the Board are all committed to supporting Edventure staff and partners in identifying and delivering the most impact, where it’s most needed, in the years to come.”

Edventure is now seeking at least two new voluntary Board members, including a Treasurer and a member with fundraising expertise. If you are interested in joining our dedicated and enthusiastic Board, helping to shape and deliver Edventure’s ambitious plans, please email:

Edventure also has a number of paid staff vacancies. If you are interested in connecting Edventure’s work with a wider audience, or joining the Green and Healthy Frome project, click here for more information.


The Edventure Board currently comprises:

Angela Clark A former Edventure student, Angela took part in the 14th Start-up course which ran through the first lockdown, setting up the Frome Community Exhibition. She now works in marine conservation and can sometimes be found getting creative at Make:Shed. 

Craig Lister A veteran digital marketing CEO, Craig now runs an exciting range of local startups and is a volunteer coach and mentor with the Peter Jones Foundation. As former Edventure Chair, Craig will ensure a smooth handover to Esther, and keep a keen eye on financial management.

Esther Maughan McLachlan Familiar from behind the desk at Frome Roller Disco, Esther has 25+ years’ international sustainability strategy, policy and communications expertise and is Co-Founder of, a collaborative innovation non-profit. Esther chairs the Edventure board.

Dr Jean Boulton  A former Frome Town Councillor, Jean is a veteran of Boards in the arenas of sustainability,  social health and community publishing, a writer of serious stuff on living and working in complex times and an enthusiastic dog owner and coffee drinker. Jean actively fosters collaboration between Edventure Board members and works closely with local businesses.

Lisa Merryweather-Millard A former Assistant Headteacher, Lisa is now the owner and director of a handful of creative businesses including local graphic design studio, RND Studio Limited and Gallery at The Station. She is currently a Frome Town Councillor sitting on a number of committees. Lisa advises on Edventure’s programmes and safeguarding and supports Jean’s work with local businesses. 

Dr Sam Evans Best known locally as the social entrepreneur behind The Walled Garden at Mells and the re-launched Victoria Park Cafe, Sam is a highly experienced performance measurement and evaluation expert. Her Edventure board focus is governance and reporting.

Johannes Moeller, Co-Founder of Edventure, will be stepping down from the Edventure Board in April 2023.