Assignment #2: OASIS Game @ Sun Street Chapel

October 2012. The aim of this assignment was to support Sun Street Chapel to develop into a vibrant and low cost community space. Using the OASIS game methodology, we worked in partnership with the owner to transform the interior space. We began by uncovering the vision of the centre based on its inherent values, potential improvements and identified steps that would make it a reality. Working together with an extended team of volunteers, we renovated the bathrooms, built a kitchen, an art space and a hot-desking space, all within 16 hours. We rounded it up with a fun filled celebration open to the wider community.

Community Impact

  • Greater accessibility and profile of low cost community venue and space

Value Received

  • 3 month rent-free use of the community space
Learning Outcomes
Project Management and personal leadership
Understanding and ability to apply OASIS Community Development Methodology
Collaborative designing and working
Basic painting, decorating and carpentry skills