Assignment #4: Independence Day Conference and Vallis Veg

November 2012. The Independence Day event is organised by ‘Keep Frome Local’ to stimulate the debate on local food, business, politics, and the effects of large supermarkets on the local economy. The assignment is to cater for 200 people, and promote local food and suppliers at the same time. Many local producers donated ingredients, and the Project Managers have arranged work exchanges with other producers. For example, the Edventure Team worked a day for Vallis Veg in exchange for chard and squash grown in Frome.

Community Impact

  • Promoting local food, suppliers, and producers
  • Supporting Frome Independence Day

Value Received

  • All profits go to Edventure Frome and its participants

Learning Outcomes

  • Catering and event management
  • Involving groups of volunteers
  • Health and Safety, assessing Risks and writing Risk Assessments
  • Catering for large groups of people
  • Researching local food suppliers, standards and ethics
  • Negotiating sponsorship and partnerships