Assignment #5: Frome Hub Club

In the week commencing November 19th we geared up to our Hub Club Assignment. Zoe Ward was the project manager and our creative director. Annabelle Macfadyen supported us to put a set together. The aim of Frome Hub Club was to create a space where people meet, help build community, have fun and raise money for local good causes.

Community Impact

  • Raising money for good local causes (including Open Storytellers, a charity that is working with disabled adults).

Value Received

  • Edventure Frome has received £200 from the money raised

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative Direction of a performance
  • Improving skills in performing, playing together
  • Working together creatively
Angus Barr sings ‘Oath of Allegiance’ at Frome Hub Club, Nov 2012