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Spring Start-Up course to spur fixing in Frome
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Illustration by Jessica Balla |

When things break it’s often easier and cheaper to throw them away rather than get them repaired.  But this means that things are being needlessly thrown away that could be given a new lease of life if we had the skills and the opportunity to repair them.

There was a time when make do and mend culture was thriving, but our consumer-focused lifestyles have made us lazy or less imaginative when it comes to fixing broken things, or there are financial and practical obstacles in the way. But there’s a new trend re-igniting our imaginations when it comes to fixing, and communities are coming together in the process to share repair skills and enable us to give new life to old objects.

Initiatives like the ‘Restart Project’ hold events that connect geeky technicians with broken electronics with happy results for their owners. At the same time this helps to build a sense of community around fixing. ‘Repair Cafe’ is a worldwide network supporting people to hold events to teach people to fix all kinds of things from clothes, to toys, to electronics and much more.

We’ve already seen some events inspired by this movement in Frome, with Edventure enterprise ‘SHARE – a library things’ running successful Repair Cafes. “It is great to see so many people taking the time to fix the things they love, instead of throwing them away,” said SHARE co-project manager Helen Johnstone. “Lots of our visitors got stuck in with the fixing too, and several left saying they’d learnt a few things they’d try at home.”

Sweden has set a bold ambition to reduce waste by providing tax breaks when things are fixed. The aim is to lower the cost of repairing goods and incentivise fixing. This will encourage the creation of a new repairs industry, providing jobs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. “I believe there is a shift in view in Sweden at the moment. There is an increased knowledge that we need to make our things last longer in order to reduce materials’ consumption” said Per Bolund, Sweden’s minister for financial markets and consumer affairs. (Source: The Guardian)

Edventure:Frome is an organisation joining the dots between education, community and enterprise to set up projects that tackle a local need and support young adults to have a go at turning ideas into reality. The Edventure Start-Up supports 10 people aged 18-35 to set up a community enterprise over 10 weeks. So far, past student teams have set up SHARE: a library of things, The Welsh Mill Hub, the community fridge, the Roundhouse Garden by the river, and Edspace: providing affordable living solutions, amongst others.

This coming March, working with SHARE, Edventure students will be given the challenge to set up a community start-up that encourages people to fix their things – from clothes to electronics to bikes and board games.

There are various ways to get involved: If you’re aged 18-35 and want to take part in the course, get more information here; if you’re a fixer and would like to get involved email us at [email protected] and if you’re curious about the project and want to be part of it in other ways, get in touch or attend our upcoming event Edventure:SOUP at 7pm on 18th January at The Welshmill Hub, Frome, BA11 2LE.

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Come and celebrate Edventure’s 4th birthday
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Tursday 29th September

  • Take a trip down memory lane as we pile through old photos
  • Hear the findings of our impact report and the effect Edventure is having on the local community
  • Marvel at our snazzy new webiste
  • Learn about our recent collaboration with projects like ours from across Europe
  • Find out about our vision for the future and tell us how you’d like to be part of it

All this and a fat dose of good food, friends, music, singing, hullalele (you’ll find out what that means if you come) and much more!

We’ll also be raising money for Calais Woodyard – a project that former Edventurer Ben Horne is part of. If you have any prizes for the raffle get in touch.

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Preparing for Legends of Frome

The Edventure team working on their amazing show for Frome Festival – it’s immersive theatre and it will be awesome!  Thanks to Crysse Morrison for the photography.   ‘The need of this project was very much about the divided nature of our community;  both in terms of generations but also income level and backgrounds.  Ben Macfadyen’s vision was for young adults to come together and create an opportunity to explore the question of what it is to live a creative life.  To pursue a career in the arts, to engage with these bigger questions around creativity today, whilst working with this amazingly vibrant community: in many different ways, bringing in their stories and their ideas and their visions to create something to share with the community.  To celebrate what it means to live here and honour the amazing diversity of stories that make up the fabric of this town’ 

‘This form of immersive theatre invites audience members to be participants to journey through the world that we are creating: from the moment that they queue up they are met, not by stewards but by characters. And they journey deeper and deeper into this imaginary world, which is inspired by the real stories of the place.  

Milo Cradick enjoys co-creating the immersive process
Emily Sly says project gives the opportunity to think of the people who have inspired you.
Annie Aldman’s role in the project is community engagement

In the first four weeks we brought in a lot of contributors working in the arts to bring in their expertise. And then after the first few weeks we hand over to the group to the make the project happen. Its very interesting dynamic when we hand over as facilitators to the group to take leadership, which is essentially what we are trying to do at Edventure – the idea that we make up our reality and together we can make anything happen, we can make ideas happen.

Director Ben Macfayden – a journey through the legends of Frome
Liam Parker
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Dreaming and Growing

Last night I had a dream. A dying whale, floating on its back, recounted its tale of swallowing an alligator to a boatload of people. As we watched, the alligator appeared through a bloody slit in the whales stomach.

Reflecting on what home means to us. Stability. Community.  A place. A person. Somewhere within ourselves; a feeling. A place to rest, to be safe. A sense of belonging.

A conversation about the fragility and transience of shelter and accommodation. The difficulty of settling, of knowing what to buy for dinner at the local shop, who the neighbours are, of forming close relationships with the people around. Starting to get a feel for it and time’s up, time to move on.

A conversation about the peace and satisfaction of finding a room in a good house with a good landlord, with housemates that feel like family.

A conversation about how great it is to have a house on wheels, a conversation about living on the side of the road, of the looks from the neighbours for taking up another parking space. Paranoia. A friendly family who let you live on their driveway. A conversation about whether this is self-reliance, is self-reliance a goal? Where does community and interdependence meet independence?

Ideas flying about other solutions. Thinking outside the box. Thinking of living in a box. Boxes.

Frustration and resentment about working jobs we don’t, like to spend all the money on rent. No room to grow. Stagnating in our mouldy cages.

Space. Freedom. Dignity. Warmth. Community. Growth. Peace. Getting creative.  Working together. Having fun. Experimenting. Resilience. Adaptation.

Legends of Frome Launch
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April 28th, 5.30pm: Our students present…


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 14.35.21

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Otty’s low down on week 4 at Edventure’s Food Waste Challenge

Last week at Edventure the ‘Feast on This… ‘ food waste initiative got underway. We split into groups to manage and organise the different areas of the project i.e. community engagement, planning events, sourcing food and managing finances and funding.

On Monday we started compiling a list of possible food source contacts such as local businesses, supermarkets, farms and growers.

We also made up some prototypes for marketing materials such as business cards and fliers and set up a Facebook page and Instagram account

Half the group went off to make shelves and clean out the food storage area  we’ve secured at the back of the Welshmill Hub.

Over the next few days we continued to try and make contact with possible venues for workshops and pop up events and suppliers.

A couple of us went down to the supermarkets such as the Co-op, Lidl and M&S to ask about they would be possible sources. So far there has been no direct response from these larger chain businesses. We are also looking into S.K Fruits as another avenue and have been told by them to speak directly to the farmer who owns the chain.

We contacted the YMCA via the Routes café and left our contact details there fir the manager. They seemed enthusiastic about the possibility of hosting a monthly cooking workshop for the people who live at the hostel or those who use the Routes café  which felt promising. Plan to go again next week to pursue this.

In addition to this space we are  exploring the Bridge café and the local Scouts hut as other venues which we aim to make contact with next week.

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Gwen’s review of week 1 at Edventure

Week – One – Day One!

Our first day at Edventure and with a new group of nine people we spent the first day getting to know one another. Our first task was to pair up and write a list of assumptions about the other person, questions like ‘what type of music do they like, and ‘what was their family background like’ … which led to some interesting and often surprising results. It really highlighted how easy t is to assume so much about a person first hand, but when you get to know them often a whole other story emerges. In the afternoon we took part in an exercise called the ‘river of life’, a story of our lives highlighting the key moments that led us to Edventure, a great tool to get to know each other and team building. By the end of the day we all felt so much closer and not at all like a new group of people coming together. Great stuff!

Day Two

We visited several projects in Bristol including Hamilton House and the City Farm exploring different social enterprises this way really helped inspire us with our own project. We also got opportunities to discuss what is possible in regards to our own food waste project with the people running each project.

Day Three

On day three we looked at our qualities and how they can become our pitfalls when pushed too far, it was an interesting exercise in perception and many insights gained. Afterwards we looked at what happens when we step out of our comfort zone, push our boundaries and the potential that is possible as a result.

Day Four

Helen Moore facilitated a session about consensus decision making and with Neil we explored the essential ingredients in making a successful team. In the afternoon we got to try out the consensus decision making method for ourselves, through setting our ground rules for the group. We also looked into reflective practice as a method of insuring the group and project is always evolving in the right direction. In the afternoon we made a vision board which involved cutting various pictures or words out of magazines and making a poster with them, a very interesting creative way of holding a vision and reflecting later on whether the vision came alive!

End of the first week! So much happened and so much inspiration!

Team Building
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Set-up “SHARE – a library of Things” in your community

Hello ‘share enthusiasts’!

screen-shot-2016-02-18-at-13-50-02We have developed a few resources and support packages for people who are passionate about sharing and starting similar initiatives. This is what we can offer:

1. Come & visit our shop in Frome

We can give you a tour of our shop, a presentation on how it works and time to ask questions for a small fee to cover our costs. To find out more, email [email protected].

2. Consultancy

If you are serious about starting up SHARE – a library of things, we can offer you personal start-up coaching and consultancy. To discuss your needs, please email [email protected].

3. Access resources

screen-shot-2016-02-18-at-13-38-59 We created a 33 page booklet about how we set up SHARE and the basics of how it works, and pulled together some useful documents such as our lending agreements. We are asking for a donation or the downloads to enable us to work on the materials further, answer further questions you may have and extract relevant data. To access the resources please donate via our Local Giving page (suggested £50 donation) and then send an email to [email protected] including any questions and stating that you have donated. We’ll get back to you with everything you need!Tool Kit Contents

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