Impact on people

Here are short stories of people we worked with over the past few years

Paula Neubauer | Get Pickled

Paula joined a couple of short courses with Edventure - Start-up Tools and Making Food into a Business, and set up Get Pickled during the pandemic.

“The most valuable skill I acquired was how to organise my cost & pricing”. “I already have set up my business, I have now to think how to incorporate the social aspect I intend to develop within it”

Tanya Slater | The Girl Who Simplified

Tanya later also pitched at our Green & Healthy Future for Frome conference to gain support for her idea to “declutter Frome” and create both health and climate benefits for our local community.

“I'm just home from the “How to Make your Organisation Sustainable-ish” course this morning and my goodness, I have just learned so much, had my eyes opened to so much and also been incredibly inspired to what I can do as an individual, what I can do for my business and actually how much I can help people live much more sustainably and take some action”.