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Week 1: The start of something amazing!
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Oh boy,

What an amazing week this has been, one that was phenomenal and one that won’t be forgotten. As a group coming together from all areas, we have developed a fantastic team that has the potential to achieve extraordinary and exciting things to help change and educate people in the way we look at clothing and how to reduce and prevent waste. Not only do we have a great team, we are lucky to have Liz and Lizzie who are so passionate in their knowledge and beliefs, (for more information on them, visit their website.) to support our team in refining down ideas and working towards finalising a direction of travel.

We are also happy to be partnered up with Amelia who is our course facilitator from Edventure!

On Wednesday night, we produced an introduction event – a brief about what we intend to do and how we plan to achieve it. We only had a few hours to prepare our evening but we pulled it off giving our audience an overview of the course and getting them up to speed on ethical fashion, as well as being inspired by their own stories. We also produced not one but two homemade soups, sourced from local businesses in Frome.

It was a week in which we reflected on, ourselves, our values and how we have a wealth of skills to offer, in: needle-work, sewing, art and design, photography and business management, to bring to the project for the community of Frome.

We are so very grateful for the enormous support we received from our first event, for those who came to listen, who gave us positive feedback, for sharing soup and friendship.

We hope you had an insight into the clothing journey (where it starts and where it ends!) We hope to provide you with the knowledge to think about what you wear and where and how it was made and to generate some solutions to your personal clothing dilemmas.

Please keep up to date with our blog and like our new Facebook page to see more of how we are developing!

Let’s make this 10 (now 9) weeks amazing and achievable.

With lots of love, happiness and health.

The Edventure 11 team, Benedict, Laura, Amy, Rosa, Iona, Ruby and Leah

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The Edventure Residential – A course highlight
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At the end of each Start – Up course, the student team and staff go away for a few days to reflect on what has been achieved, what has been learned and to celebrate achievements.

For many of the students this is a highlight of the course.

Julia who took part in the Spring 2018 course has written a story about their teams residential which took place in Dorset.

The Edventure 10 residential


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Replicating Edventure – starting in Salisbury
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We are very excited to announce the launch of  Edventure Salisbury, who, in partnership with Quench Salisbury,  will be running the first Edventure course outside Frome this October.

Applications open June 6th June for Salisbury’s pilot 10 week course for 18 – 35 year olds. A student team will be setting up a Community fridge. They will be working alongside the Pantry Partnership, a social enterprise transforming lives with food.

The Edventure model has been said to “suck the life back into towns”. When a team  of young adults set up a community enterprise, they form networks and connections which often lead to opportunity and employment locally. Having gained Start – Up experience and confidence, a young adult is more likely to find employment or start an enterprise, that contributes to the local economy.

We would like to see more small towns thriving. For this reason, we have been working towards replicating Edventure since soon after we began 6 years ago. During these 6 years we’ve tried out different models and have evolved what we offer to create a replicable blueprint. Johannes Moeller, the MD of Edventure Frome received the Un-ltd Grow-it Award to help finance the pilot program in Salisbury.

This is not the first time we have successfully shared our work. Student teams set up the first Share Shop & the first Community fridge in the UK and over 400 people across the world have downloaded ‘ How to guides’ for setting up their own.

Over the coming year we will run two 10 week Edventure courses in Salisbury and after this we will reflect on what we have  learned and explore the feasibility of a social franchise or other means of sharing our work.

If you might be interested in setting up an ‘Edventure’ in your town, please get in touch  and we will keep you in mind next year when we start thinking about where to go next.

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A clothing exchange with a difference! Announcing the theme of September’s Start – Up course…
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How much do you spend more on clothes?  Would you admit to being at least somewhat addicted to ‘retail therapy’ ? Is your wardrobe full?

Students on Edventure’s next Start-up course will work alongside two ethical fashion experts Liz Parker and Lizzie Harrison to develop a ‘Collective Wardrobe’ for Frome.

Starting September 10th, a team of 18 – 35 year olds will spend 10 weeks developing a series of clothing exchange events with a difference, aiming to be a practical, ethical, fun and affordable way for the people of Frome to break dependence on chain retailers selling poor quality clothing that all too often ends up in a bin.

The problem is global. In 2016, UK consumers spent £68.1 billion on new clothing and footwear. A study showed that 18-24 year olds in particular have succumbed to the temptation of impulse buying and ‘fast fashion’: cheap, low-quality yet trendy clothes produced by big global retailers, which they are likely to discard after 1 to 5 wears. Documentaries such as ‘The true cost’ and ‘Machines’ expose the the fashion industry’s unethical approach and environmentally devastating impact. 

There are however, more hopeful clothing trends emerging. Increasingly  people are reusing, repurposing, up-cycling, charity shop trawling, jumble sale rummaging, clothes borrowing, vintage shopping and clothes swapping. When buying new things, many people are asking where things come from and making ethical and sustainable choices.

Clothing libraries operate across Sweden, even in smaller towns. Much like Frome’s Share Shop, they require users to buy a membership allowing them to borrow clothes for a limited period of time. This is not only happening in Sweden, similar borrowing initiatives can be found across the the world. Here in the UK there are multiple clothing rental apps, websites and shops including Girl meets Dress.

As well as clothes swaps that might happen in living rooms between friends, larger scale clothing swaps are organised across the UK. Examples include the charity exchanges Frockswappers  and Swap in the City, who run upmarket clothing swaps, calling the activity ‘Swishing’. 

Lizzie Harrison was a founder of the Leeds community clothes exchange which was featured in the Guardian. She and her business partner Liz Parker will both teach on September’s Start-up course. They have drawn inspiration from existing clothing exchanges, clothing rentals and libraries, and want to try out a new model here in Frome in collaboration with Edventure. Lizzie brings several years’ experience of community based activist interventions using fashion design as the vehicle for change alongside her fashion product business Antiform. Liz coordinated Fashioning an Ethical Industry’‘, a project that supported a network of sustainable fashion educators.

Through the process of setting up this clothing project, students will get the opportunity to go through the stages of setting up a community enterprise – from market research to business planning, from generating ideas to project planning, branding and launching the idea.

We are looking for 18 – 35 year olds who are up for a challenge and want to make this idea happen. To find out more and to apply click here. If you’re interested in this project and would like to get involved in other ways please email [email protected]

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Job Vacancy: Do you want to take “SHARE – a library of things” into the Future?
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“SHARE – a library of things” is run by Edventure Frome CIC in partnership with Frome Town Council, and the Cheese and Grain.
We are looking for a part-time coordinator who will join an existing member of staff to manage the day-to-day operations of SHARE.
The role also involves preparations for spinning SHARE off into a social enterprise in its own right by December 2018.
The role is for 12 hours a week, with a starting salary of £8.45 per hour. It requires work on every other Saturday.

Main responsibilities and key tasks

1. Staffing the shop

2. Recruiting members

3. Promoting the shop

4. Stock management

6. Maintaining physical and online systems

7. Finances and book-keeping

8. Reporting to the director of Edventure Frome CIC and Anna Francis from Frome Town Council


Person Specifications 

No specific qualifications are needed – however, we are looking for:

1. Excellent project management skills

2. Excellent communication skills

3. Ability to develop good working relationships

4. Ability to manage time and workload

5. Experience in the social enterprise sector

6. Decisive, logical thinking with creative problem-solving ability

7. Hands-on, practical approach


How to apply 

Please send a cover letter along with your CV to Anna Francis ([email protected]) by Friday 25th May 2018, 1pm.
We will let you know by Monday 28th whether we can invite you for an interview. Interviews will take place on Tuesday 29th of May.
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The MAKE students present – “May Contain Wood”
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A message from Zach on behalf off the MAKE course student team.

“May Contain Wood” consists of 6.5 young local wood lovers under the wing of master woodsmith (Harry Samuel). As part of the MAKE course, we have prepared a stalls worth of hand crafted goods within a time frame of 3 weeks whilst enjoying ourselves at Edventure. Please come and visit our stall at the Frome Independant Market this Sunday. 


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We are on ITV and you can help us win 38k
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We don’t usually get a 3 in 5 chance to win 38k to do more of the work that we are passionate about!

…Or, if you’re in Frome there are various outlets in town where you can fill out a postcard to vote for us: Library, Share, Frome Wholefoods, Riverhouse, YMCA Roots Cafe, Welshmill Hub

What you are voting for

The money will enable 6 local groups to come together to run 113 days of community activities in the Remakery – our community DIY and repair workshop at the Welsh Mill Hub / Edventure – if we win!

About the People’s Project

ITV and Big Lottery have teamed up to showcase and support exciting community projects across the UK. Hundreds of organisations apply, and only 7 get filmed and featured by ITV. And that is when you come in. The 5 projects that get the most votes in any region will be funded to do more of the work that they are doing.

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MAKE course leads to ongoing creative collaboration
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Building community is what we’re all about Edventure, so you can imagine how excited we were to discover that two students on our last MAKE course are now collaborating with each other to run retreats in France.

When Sam came on the MAKE course in November last year, one of his goals was to expand on his programme of retreats at The Farm, a beautiful 14th-century farmhouse in the Loire Valley. Sam’s family bought the farmhouse in 1988 when he was just two, and every summer since has been spent turning it into a magical space for creative gatherings. This will be the third summer that Sam is running courses at this venue, with many more in the pipeline.

Courses hosted so far have ranged from art and sculpture to Zen meditation and Yoga and aim to balance learning, relaxation, and time to explore the nearby surroundings.

Sam’s 2018 offerings at The Farm have been enhanced thanks to collaboration with Harry Samuel, the green woodworking tutor for the Winter 2017 MAKE course and the upcoming Spring 2018 MAKE (and one of the first Edventure students back in 2012) and fellow MAKE student Lissi Mason.

In June, Harry is hosting the ‘Earth, Fire, Stone and Wood’ retreat. This course will involve learning how to make a cob pizza oven using locally sourced materials, and include a lot of bare-foot dancing in mud! Once the oven is built the group will make a round wood frame over it to protect it from the elements. This is open to all ages and abilities.

Lissi Mason combines yoga teaching with an interest in art and craft activities, and ran impromptu yoga sessions for the MAKE team during the 3-week course – a fantastic way of keeping everyone focused, calm and purposeful during what is undoubtedly an intense experience. In August, Lissi is combining her skills to run ‘Breathe, Draw, Gather’ at The Farm. Each morning will begin with Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and breathing exercises after breakfast. After lunch there’s meditation in the yurt, a walking meditation, or Yoga Nidra followed by a drawing workshop. 

The Farm is a social enterprise, and thus aims to help more than just those who attend the retreats. 20% of the income will be donated to African Vision Malawi – a non-profit charity started by Sam’s mother, helping orphans and vulnerable people in rural Malawi since 2005. For more info visit: ​

Harry will be tutoring the 3-week Spring MAKE course, running from 16 April: apply here.

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Soup, schemes and social media… Week 6 of the Start – Up course
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This week was about getting down to business in each person’s different teams and roles.

For Julia and Rory that meant spending time in the ‘Remakery’ under the astute guidance of architect and friend of Edventure, Graham. They enjoyed coming up with clear ideas for the look of the interior of the Edspace, and began to start building furniture and accessories using offcuts from the original build of the Edspace.

Adam has been busy on the social media side of things, posting related articles and updates of our ongoing work via facebook and Instagram.

Niki has been hard at work designing a sales doc for the Edspace. This has been in conjunction with Tom and Johannes who have provided content and given feedback on the design. Tom has also begun creating a database of potential customers with their contact information.

Hettie has deepened her discussions with the YMCA. They have expressed interest in collaborating in our scheme to offer young people the opportunity to work alongside and be trained by Stu from ‘Chisel and Grain’ in the build of an Edspace.

An ‘Edspace creation’ in the works…

Warm, homemade soup is the perfect lunch to keep us going..

Writing and photos by Edventure student Tom.

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Goings on in Week Five of the Startup Course…
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The team is now prepped and rearing to go, this is the week Edventure lets us loose. We are now, as a team, responsible for what follows. Whilst this might sound ominous it actually heralds the start of the project really getting off the ground. The Edventure program begins with four weeks of trainings and guidance lead by Edventure, from week five onwards the team is independent and responsible for taking up the learning, making our ideas into something tangible.

In this particular project we have three main areas: the interior design and build, the marketing and sales of the Edspace commercially and creating a model for the Edspace to support social housing and people affected by the conditions of the housing and development market.

We came together as a team on the Monday to get out of Frome and have a change of perspective.
Jez, one of the Edventure coaches, led us all out into the sticks, which around Frome is never really far away.



Tuesday saw the beginning of the team dividing off into the separate elements of the project.
Julia and Rory worked with Graham to design and begin prototypes for the new Edspace interiors.

Adam got the Edspace all set up for social media posts using Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule up to 30 posts in advance to release throughout Edspace social media platforms. This means once we leave, there will still be a wealth of material going out live, helping to drive interest and keep things moving forward.

Tom and Niki began designing the new sales document and marketing materials, with the graphic design taking its inspiration from subtle shapes formed in the Edspace’s construction. Although that will remain a mystery to you for now, but all will be revealed at our Edspace Final Event on the 22nd of March – Book tickets here

Maxine and Hettie continued to explore the opportunity to use the building of each Edspace as a training program, hoping to unite local colleges with Chisel and Grain to offer work experience and eventually apprenticeships, particularly for those affected by homelessness. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos for this as Hettie was behind the camera and Maxine was working from Wales… but you don’t really want to see more pictures of people at laptops anyway!

In the midst of all this we had ITV visit to film Edventure’s work as part of a bid for funding. Edventure have been selected down to the final 5 contenders to receive the grant, which if successful, they will use to remake the Remakery into a better equipped and functioning space.




A big thank you to Allen from Edventure

for talking about the Remakery to ITV


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