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Week 5- Gable End


We’ve tipped over the middle way and are well and truly into the second half of the course. With the site largely cleared, the construction under full swing in the workshop, market research getting excited, and business modelling underway, The Hub and The Team are really living up to their natures; the central part of the wheel is stable, strong, illuminated and in motion, allowing the spokes, The Team, to radiate away with integrity, surety, support and a breeze under their wings, as we continue to come together and work as one to attain our goal; building to provide space for someone to live, and in constructing that, gifting time and space to a handful of young people who need and want in various ways to get out of what they’ve been doing, and into ‘doing’ something bigger than themselves, for someone else, with other people, to remember themselves in motion.

My reflection this week is that there is so much focus in remembrance. When we remember life, we see more life. When we remember what greatness we have achieved, we will see more of this greatness in the world around us. In this abundant world it is too easy to forget the goodness, the hurdles jumped, the goals attained, the gifts gifted and received.  So remember, that you are great, and have greatness at your fingertips. Life is golden and right now; GET INVOLVED!!!


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Emergency First aid training course

Edventure is hosting an ‘Emergency First Aid’ certified one day training course at The Welsh Mill Hub from 9-4pm on Friday the 6th of May.

This course teaches the basic first aid skills needed in an office type work environment. This ‘Emergency first aid’ course allows you to be the appointed first person in a workplace.

The cost for the course is £120. Edventure is offering some subsidised places to local people working in the community sector in and around Frome.
For further information and to book your place please email:
[email protected]

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Job vacancy: Office Manager – apply until April 24th


thank you for looking into this opportunity.

Click below to download the job description, person specification, and information on how to apply.

Please note that applications are open until April 24th, and interviews will take place on April 27th.

Office Manager Job Spec April 2016 – Edventure Frome CIC

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A day at Edventure (Crafting and being Brilliant)

Today has been a good day. Started the morning off in a bit of a haze, standard, and as ever with a few coffees down my neck I woke up again. 

Had our delivery of insulation arrive this morning half way through our check-in’s, so we all dropped task and went like a family of ants down the stairs to collect these what looked like giant cotton wool balls, one by one up the stairs again into the workshop, and later in the day up the ladder to Johannes’ office.

The afternoon in the workshop was really fun. We had music and power-tools, each other and sawdust. We cut and screwed, glued and clamped. We got annoyed, we rejoiced. We felt accomplished, we felt deflated. To hold your-self within a group that is working toward an end is a task in itself sometimes. To be integral to your needs and your ideas, yet make yourself flexible enough to accommodate the organic ideas coming from this unique combination of people. Wow. What a wonder.

The 4:40pm collective review is a good thing. It means we all have to get out of what we’ve been doing for hours, to re-connect with one another and how we are feeling. How we see the motions of the day having played out, how we feel about what we’ve accomplished, and of course a chance to lie down on the sofa and rest.

Then at 5pm we can go, but no one moves because we’re all so tired, the greatest kind of tired; an exhaustion from creating and sharing and crafting and being brilliant.

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Whirlwind week 4

Week four flew by like a flash of lightening in a tropical storm.  Starting in one month and finishing in another, the feeling of passing time really embedded itself in my mind, and in the working of the team. The week commenced on Tuesday morning at 10am instead of Monday, as it was a Bank Holiday and a handful of us Edventurers, took to the muddy path along the river and boogied on down at Mell’s Daffodil Day. The sun shone, a rainbow showed it’s cheeky face, we ate, drank, laughed and had a beauty of a country day out.
The week after this one is going to be full on building our tiny home, so week four has felt fast paced and full of buzz as everyone ties together flailing ribbons and bolts down final decisions, designs and templates.
Tuesday morning saw us in a workshop run by Neil on ‘Giving Feedback’, looking at our qualities and pitfalls, challenges and allergy’s, recognising our qualities and how to preserve them. How to compliment and critique members of a functional team in a way that is useful, constructive and ultimately helpful in the arena of positive change for the person involved. A wonderful insight into the self, and to see everyone else doing the same; there is a real softening in acceptance. Week 4 has been about us soundproofing the workshop so that next week we can bang and bash as much as we need to without disturbing other workers at The Hub. We’ve been ordering, pricing, project planning making full size templates and designing.  For me personally the week has culminated in a really honest and eye opening renewal of motivations and wishes. Reflecting on Education, Construction, Sequencing, Models and Classes. Really feeling like a big, wonderful family of brilliantly minded folk. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by new friends and people who are here to help, in so many ways.

Thank you Edventure.

(G’s words)

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Week 3 Diary


Back at Edventure for Week 3 … time flies!  Host for the week is marvellous Mona who started the day off by prompting a confession from each of us of our most memorable musical theatre moments. Previous Edventurer Ben Horne came and gave us a thought provoking talk about his experience at the Jungle in Calais.  This was followed by (careful) roleplaying of the various risks that could occur in the workshop:  Shoes on, hair up, saws the right way round please!




Host Mona serenaded us on the ukulele, at the check-in today, performing a fantastic song about climate change.  We carried on with the design of the semi-independent living structure and made a 1:1 detail of the roof. The site team carried on clearing the never-ending ivy!!!  Most of us stayed behind in the evening to watch a film called ‘Tiny’(Click link here), a documentary about tiny homes — very inspiring.




Morning check-in again, counting to twenty proving to be very difficult. Catch-up with everyone on how the tasks for the week are progressing. Site clearance was finished today (for now anyway). The project planners are testing their numeracy skills. Materials have arrived for soundproofing the workshop. In-jokes are starting… “hoops or arches?”




After a slightly late start, we began the day with a business development session with Johannes, where we try to pin down our key questions and assumptions. After lunch Neil and Amelia took us for a metaphorical swim. The afternoon was spent soundproofing the workshop, working out templates and planning the roles for next week.
The pace is picking up and with another week finished we’re all poised at the side of the pool ready to jump into week 4.

(Written by a hardworking member of the student team)

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Jam packed week two (an Edventurers perspective)

Leading the group through the jam-packed-algebraic-schedule of events in week two was the calm, collected and bubbly Georgia. Indeed shepherding us into formation, but also providing us with inspiring and illuminating interludes of drawing, reading and dreaming. Thaaaaank you!

So what did we do? Felt disturbed and interested to understand our minds during a Transactional Analysis workshop with Neil. Absorbed design knowledge and considerations from our experts Ebanie and Graham. Split up into four teams to research different areas of the build. Delivered a presentation of our initial ideas to the client – including; some large and small scale models, drawings, Sketch Up plans (computer-aided 3D design), along with much blood sweat and tears.
Johannes interwove our minds with post-it notes during a  w-h-o-l-e  day and a half of project planning and learning, there was lots of heady terminology which made the team make noises like argh, ehhh, urghhhhh.

We wouldn’t have accomplished any of this had we not been fed and watered so very well …freshly cooked lunches made by any one of us new Edventurers. Hydrated and propped up with fair-trade caffeine from the Hub, and kept smitten and smiling with freshly baked flapjacks by the sweet treat goddess Esther (of the last Edventure team challenge)! thank you all

Collectively we’re inspired and happy to build something beautiful and as conscious as possible.There is also a deep understanding amongst the group of displacement through lack of housing and the effects this can have on your life and well being, and this not least makes us incredibly aware of people suffering far and wide across Europe and the world. No doubt the group has been in quite unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable waters the past couple of weeks getting  in to the rhythm of it all. But what we’re also understanding more and more, day by day, is each other. And how to progress in on this Edventure together 🙂 GO TEAM GO!  Quote of the week: “it’s so nice to have so many brains…” Sam

Written in slow-motion betwixt one of the artist’s on board and her daydreaming mind

For more meandering on this particular Edventure go to :


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A housing solution – Edventure students get to work!

A new cohort of Edventure students have begun a two month long training in community enterprise, this time with a focus on creating affordable living solutions for young people.

The group of students, which includes two architects, two builders, a plumber and three artists will spend the next eight weeks building a ‘Tiny house’ (or ‘micro home’) for a local business owner who would like a semi – independent living structure for her garden.

As young adults, many of us are struggling with the challenge of finding affordable accommodation. Many won’t be able to afford their own home in the foreseeable future, but are finding that renting a room in a shared house does not offer enough privacy or independence. The living structure, designed by architectural designers Ebanie Powell and Graham Burgess with the help of the students at Edventure, is being built to offer one solution.

As well being part of designing and building the prototype, the students are working to set up a business to offer these structures to the public at an affordable price to be used as office space, an extra bedroom, or to be occupied by a lodger.

One design feature is that the spaces will be ‘flat packable’. It will be possible for someone to own their own living accommodation and move it between locations which would suit those of us with more transient lifestyles.

During the next few months we look forward to inviting you to some events on the topic of housing and to sharing our story with you on the Edventure Blog.


Building firm foundations and a strong team (with marshmallows and pasta).

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Bypassing the Housing crisis? Upcoming courses on micro-housing, alternative solutions

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 16.33.21


truly affordable housing has been on our mind a lot over the past few months! Time and time again we found that people did not make their ideas happen because basic living expenses (especially rent or a mortgage) did not permit the uncertainty and cost that comes with a start up!

We are starting a micro-housing company…
…as part of our next Edventure Course in Community Enterprise. One more week to apply to be part of it and learn how to start up a community enterprise – click here to find out more.

Open workshop on Bypassing the Housing Crisis – Community and DIY solutions…
With Graham Burgess and Inez Aponte. Pls note that the course has now been postponed.

Thank you for staying in touch.

The Edventure Crew

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Staff & participant recruitment for 2016 – now is the time to get involved.

Apply now 2013

Hi, could you…

Join our next 2-month Edventure course?

We are looking for a team of diverse 18-35 year olds for our 2-month course in community enterprise with a practical team challenge focused on micro-housing for young people, followed by optional 6-month start-up support. Click here

Manage the Share Shop?

If you are passionate about sharing, the local community and have some management experience, please apply asap. Application deadline for this job is January 4th. Click here.

Help coordinate Edventure and deliver our programmes?

We are recruiting for an experienced programme coordinator and facilitator. Application deadline is January 8th. More details are here.


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