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Our society is wasting the talent of 40% of young people

In the face of overwhelming social, environmental and economic challenges we need the creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of young people to create solutions for building a better world. And yet, 40% of young people are either unemployed, under-employed or working in the wrong job. Imagine, these 2.4 Million young people were given the opportunity and trust to contribute positively to our society. The Local Goverment Agency published a report on the “Hidden Talent” of young people. Unleashing this Hidden Talent is Edventure’s mission. Here are the figures…

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 17.25.11


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Discover a different way of doing business – July 5th 2015

Free entry – Find out about local Social and Community Owned Enterprises; Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies in Frome. Part of Co-operatives Fortnight. Organised by Somerset Co-operative services. Register on Facebook.

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Help us win 10k – to help tackle food waste, poverty and unemployment in Frome

We want to recruit 8 diverse, unemployed young adults this autumn to help tackle waste food and poverty in Frome. We got accepted to the public voting stage of the AVIVA community fund and with your votes we now have a good chance to secure 10k to help us make it happen.

Here a brief instruction on how to vote  (it takes 2 minutes):

1. View our project – CLICK HERE

2. Click on Register and Log in (on the right)

3. Enter your Name, email & a password

4. You’ll get an email to activate your account & sign in

5. View our project again — and give us all 10 of your votes please 🙂

That’s it! Done.

Now you could help us multiply your votes by sharing it in your networks – here is a suggested Facebook post / tweet:

Vote for Edventure to win 10k to help tackle food waste, poverty and unemployment in Frome 

Thank you so much for your support!

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Reflections by an Edventure Apprentice – week 4 & 5 of the apprenticeship

Chris, a current apprentice of Edventure, reflects on a couple of weeks of working as part of the team that has the challenge to set up “SHARE – a library of things” in a shop on the hight street in Frome.


WEEK FOUR: 30/03 – 03/04

Early on in the project, an expert came in to talk to us about social enterprise. She informed us that at certain points during any start-up a group will experience what is called the ‘groan zone’. For me, the ‘groan zone’ came on the week beginning 30th March 2015. The honeymoon stage of the project was over and it was time to make the transition from the planning stage to the doing stage. There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of tasks that needed to be undertaken and it didn’t help that a lot of the team were off sick. 

Thankfully, one good decision we had made previously was to separate all the many tasks into different categories, with each category overseen by one or two people. These categories and their respective overseers were the following: PR/Marketing (May and Jacob); Shop Design/Build (Dom and Zoltan); Engagement/Events (Biz); Systems/Finance (Maija); Brand/Logo (also Maija); Items/Volunteers (me); and Project Manager (Charley). The last role turned out to be crucial. It was so important to have a project manager monitoring the progress of each area, holding daily meetings and having an overarching view of the whole project. Charley integrated well into the democratic nature of the group, acting as a coordinator rather than a ‘boss’. As a whole this system worked smoothly, with the different work teams and the project manager seamlessly interweaving with each other.

My three highlights of the week were 1) the decision to name the shop SHARE: A Library of Things, 2) staying at the shop till 10pm on Wednesday to create an intrigue banner, which was particularly enjoyable because it showed us coming together out of a sense of enthusiasm for the project, rather than out of a grudging sense of obligation, and 3) April Fools Day, where we covered the floor of the Hub in hundreds of post-it notes, as a tribute to our dear course facilitator, Johannes, known for his tendency to incorporate post-it notes into every stage of the business planning process.

In regard to the smaller teams, Dom and Zoltan spent the week brainstorming ideas for the design of the shop, collecting images from Pinterest and creating a list of all the materials that would be needed for the shop build. May created a timeline for the PR/Marketing campaign, finalised SHARE’s key messaging and wrote a press release. Biz went to events like the ‘Money Matters’ event at the Cheese and Grain, Maija made a draft of the financial policy and I finalised a mail-out asking if people would be prepared to donate items to SHARE.

Despite all the progress described above (and perhaps we were too quick to forget our achievements), the group found the week challenging through being so thinly spread at times. At one point four people out of eight were off sick. The good news is that all the frustration brewing in the group was voiced at the weekly process meeting on Thursday afternoon. Some felt that there hadn’t been clear enough communication as to what the tasks were and who was doing what, and there was a general consensus that there needed to be a better planning meeting on Monday morning. I think this process meeting reaffirmed group unity, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this week, it’s that creating a sense of wellbeing in the group is perhaps more important than getting on with the tasks.


WEEK FIVE: 06/04 – 10/04

Moving on from the disharmony of Week Four, Week Five began much more cohesively. Biz organised fun activities to get the group going each morning, from dancing in SHARE with scarves around our heads to playing poo sticks over the River Frome. We also had a good initial meeting to discuss the tasks which had to be actioned that week. Charley, as project manager, facilitated this discussion brilliantly, creating a timeline for the week tailored to each person’s needs and skills. Finally, we worked in SHARE for the entirety of that week, which certainly improved our sense of togetherness. Sat around the table on our computers, we could get on with our individual tasks and share ideas when we needed to. 

On the Sunday prior to this week began, SHARE made its presence felt at the Frome Independent Market, thanks to Biz and Charley. People flooded in all day, adding items to our wish list and suggesting ways of making SHARE a dynamic shop. This is the really rewarding aspect of this project for us – engaging with the community and creating a space which will (hopefully) be a communal space long after we’ve gone.

During this week, Maija, with the help of her sister Ebanie, did a great job of designing the brand, utilising a programme that few else seem to know how to use: Photoshop. The brand now has SHARE written in white writing on an orange background, with images of tools, leisure items and household items displayed below. May got us launched online, setting up our Facebook account and building our website. Biz carried on with her role of engaging the wider community, networking with different organisations in Frome as well as creating a quirky postbox through which locals could post their ideas for the shop. Charley, as well as liaising with different groups, began the process of setting up SHARE’s database, using a framework from the sharing website My Turn. Dom and Zoltan began sourcing different materials, from pallets to paint to sanders, and I began collating information received from the many people who are prepared to donate items to the shop.

Like last week, we gathered at the shop on Wednesday evening, this time to scrape and level the uneven floor. With Bob Marley in the background and a couple of beers at hand, it was nice to be doing physical work after the conceptual work of prior weeks. It was also a relief to be starting work upon the physical transformation of the shop – with four weeks to go, the shop build was a priority. At one point, a kindly man came into the shop and told us what a great job we were doing, which spurred us on with greater enthusiasm. As I said earlier, the value of this project really lies in those little interactions with locals…

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Job Opportunity at Edventure Frome – April 20th Application deadline

SHARE – A Library of Things 

Our most recent group of apprentices is currently setting up “Share – a library of things” in a shop on the hight street in Frome, due to open April 30th. We are recruiting for a freelance manager who will take over the running of SHARE from our apprentices.  The Job description is below. Application deadline is Monday, April 20th, interviews will be held on Wednesday, April 22nd.  The handover / start date is Thursday 30th of April.

To apply, please email your CV and a cover letter outlining why you are interested and what you could bring to the position to Johannes Moeller: [email protected]

For more information on the project, please visit the SHARE facebook page:

Share Manager Job description

Flexible, free-lance contract with Edventure Frome.

Salary: £ 8/hr

Hours of Work: 21 hours per week

Start date: April 30th, 2015.

Days of work: flexible, between Wednesdays and Saturdays during shop opening hours (tbc).

Responsible to: Energy and Recycling Officer, Frome Town Council

The purpose of the role

  • The shop manager will have direct responsibility for managing the Share Shop. This will include day to day running of the shop, recruiting and managing volunteers, recruiting and dealing with members, accounting and managing the shop’s budget and income and promotion. The shop is being set up to:
  • Promote and develop the sharing economy in Frome, i.e. increase the number of items shared and people participating
  • Reduce embodied carbon and waste
  • Increase community cohesion through members getting to know one another / supporting each other through sharing resources
  • Increase access for all, especially those on lower incomes, to a range of quality items
  • Promote repair and re-use where possible
  • Develop a replicable, sustainable model which other towns can follow
  • Success will be measured by the extent to which the job has enabled the project to meet these objectives.


SHARE has been set up by Frome Town Council and Edventure, working in partnership with other organisations such as Sustainable Frome and the Cheese and Grain. The shop is a pilot and the terms of the lease mean that we can be asked to vacate the premises with a month’s notice. Experience of charity leases elsewhere indicates this doesn’t often happen but this eventuality needs to be incorporated into the design of the project i.e. it needs to be easily transferrable – physically and or virtually (i.e. through sharing platforms such as Streetbank).

Main responsibilities and key tasks

The Shop Manager will be responsible for:

Staffing the shop

1. Recruiting and managing volunteers to ensure the shop can be open at least three days a week

2. Ensuring that health and safety policies are in place to protect all staff and volunteers

Recruiting members

3. Promoting the shop to ensure the shop is well used and provides a useful service for those that need it most

4. Ensure that members are logged, provided with relevant information and sign appropriate forms

Stock management

5. Ensure that the shop has a wide range of useful items available for hire at all times.

6. Promote the shop to ensure new items are donated

7. Ensure items are in good working order (and PAT tested where appropriate) before being lent

 Budget management

8. Be responsible for day to day handling of cash, weekly banking and accounts.

9. Ensure the project is within budget

10. Explore income generating opportunities including funding to ensure the shop can become continue beyond September


11. Provide monthly reports including a financial statement and monitoring of social and environmental impacts.

The Shop Manager will be responsible to Frome Town Council’s Energy and Recycling Officer and one of Edventure Frome’s Directors who will meet monthly to discuss progress and plan activities. The Recycling Officer will provide additional support around promotion and fundraising where needed.


  • The post holder has personal responsibility for safety in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and policies.
  • All staff and volunteers are required to abide by and promote equalities.
  • This job is a temporary position on a self-employed basis. The contract will be extended according to income secured.
  • The responsibility for the smooth running of the shop may require extra hours and hours outside of normal working times on occasion.

Person specification – Energy and Recycling Officer

  • Qualifications essential
  • Educated to GCSE level (including B in Maths)
  • Knowledge & skills (essential)

Evidence of:

  • Excellent project management skills (organisational, planning, budget and time management) Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to develop good working relationships
  • An ability to manage time and workload in order to be able to deal with tasks swiftly and effectively
  • A professional and courteous manner
  • A flexible approach to working weekends and evenings to coincide with events or meetings
  • Ability to use initiative and to be self-motivated
  • Decisive, logical thinking with creative problem-solving ability
  • Hands on and practical approach

 Experience (desirable)

1. Experience of running a similar project or shop
2. Experience of managing budgets
3. Experience of working as part of a team

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Our new crew of apprentices – setting up a Library of Things in Frome

On March the 2nd, a new crew of 8 apprentices started with Edventure. This is a blog post that Biz wrote. She is one of the new apprentices…

8 people.

2 months.

One mission.

We are into the 2nd week of our Edventure apprenticeship and our project to start a Sharing Shop: A place where the people of Frome can come to share objects, skills and time.

We have 2 months to research, design, build and launch the space, in collaboration with local people. The team of 8 of us between the ages of 18 and 30 will be learning how to work together, create an enterprise, and how to involve the local community in the process, all by learning through doing.

The first week was spent getting to know the team – hearing each others life stories and sharing our skills and strengths. We got to grips with tools that will enable us to work effectively as a team and collectively came up with some ground rules. We also got a little insight into Frome with a brief history of the area from the Mayor.

The second week was spent getting to grips with the challenge brief and going out to do market research. This involved going to local meetings and inviting some local movers and shakers into the Hub to hear their ideas and insights, as well as speaking to passers by on the street.

Two weeks into our apprenticeship and we have an emerging idea of what a sharing shop looks like. This is based on talking to local people about how they already borrow and lend items and share skills. We have discovered that there is clearly an appetite for a physical space where people can share, and look forward to the next stage of prototyping the idea and seeing what the people of Frome think. *Watch this space…*

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Edventure Apprenticeship Autumn News – by Adam R Lambert

19th November 2014 – Day 33 of the apprenticeship – Written by Adam R Lambert, one of the 13 New apprentices Edventure: Frome has taken on this year in a bold move as this is nearly double the seven apprentices that they had for the 2012 – 2013 course.

After just a couple of days together the apprentices were thrown in at the deep end with a challenge to head to Frome Community College and give a short but personal speech about their personal journeys and what bought them to Edventure. Three of the apprentices braved this task along with a couple of returning apprentices and spoke from the heart to the entire of year 9 – around 200 pupils, who had been at the school for only a couple of weeks after ascending from the middle schools in town. Following this all of the apprentices spread out among the hall to facilitate a workshop with the students to help them come up with an idea for a product or service that will be available at the Frome Christmas market.

The pace continued to be rapid fire as the apprentices were given just a couple of hours to pull a plan together for hosting around 20 contributors of Edventure for the evening. The result of which was a slightly surreal hour of speed dating with questions varying from favourite foods to the meaning of life.

The next week proved much calmer with the introduction of the “Oasis Game” in which the apprentices were tasked with the continued development of he Welshmill hub, following on from the work of the 2012/2013 apprentices, though unfortunately this time around we had no real budget to speak of and were only able to work with what we already had or what we could get for free.

This week culminated in the fulfilment of Edventure founder Johannes Moeller’s several year long dream for an indoor greenhouse – which doesn’t actually grow any plants but serves as a small and comfortable office – that was kindly donated from a home in nearby Westbury and disassembled one long Saturday by a handful of apprentices before being taken to its new home to be painstakingly cleaned and reassembled.

Between these challenges and the weeks that followed the apprentices days were interspersed with small workshops and meetings ranging from a highly informative workshop on starting a business with local entrepreneur Gavin Eddy to a highly emotional meeting with Jo Berry and Patrick McGee who are a duo of inspirational speakers who came together after Jo’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing of 1984, a crime of which Patrick was convicted of.

The next task that followed was a fundraising challenge in which the apprentices split into several teams and are currently working towards several goals such as ‘Wild Things’ who are producing a line of products made with locally foraged ingredients. And another team who has managed to organise the ‘Unexpected Marathon’ which is showing the first two Hobbit films in an overnighter at Westway Cinema (Friday the 5th of December at 10pm to 5am – tickets available right now at the cinema for the bargain price of £5)

It was during this time that one of the thirteen apprentices found the opportunity and the drive to fulfil a lifelong dream and so sadly had to say farewell to Edventure and is hopefully doing well in her new endeavour.

Alongside the fundraising challenge two more challenges were introduced;

A community dining event organised by two of the apprentices in conjunction with Fair Frome with the aim to provide a free cooked meal to hopefully a couple of dozen members of the Welshmill area, along with educating them on cheaper food alternatives and how to cook on a budget.

The second challenge that is running alongside the dining challenge is the Community Garden challenge, an ambitious project that revolves around the development of a small patch of land owned by the council that backs onto the end of the allotments and runs alongside the river Frome.

For this challenge the ten remaining apprentices split into three smaller teams;

The ‘Consultation team’ is made up of three apprentices and are in charge of consulting with the major stakeholders that have a vested interest in the project and with the community at large who will be the primary benefactors of the garden when it is completed. This team are also responsible for creating several volunteer action days alongside the formation of all of the ideas floating around into a straightforward cohesive proposal that was given the go ahead by Frome Town Council.

The second team is the ‘Garden team’ which is made up of four apprentices and are responsible for the development of the land into a fertile ‘forest garden’ which is formed by several different layers of plant life working together in natural harmony to create a self supporting ecosystem that will require minimal maintenance but will provide a lush green hideaway that can be enjoyed by all.

The third team is made up of the final three apprentices and is referred to as the ‘Shelter team’ who will be constructing a small wooden round house using green woodworking techniques and will be showcasing a reciprocal roof that will display an ingenuity of construction that is not commonly seen. The roundhouse will provide shelter for 20 – 30 people on the six large sheltered benches installed. Around the site the Shelter team will also be providing several benches in set seating areas in the forest garden which will give the community a great location to sit in nature while on a walk or on their lunch breaks.

The project will involve two community days in which any who wish to get involved in the creation of the forest garden can turn up and pitch in. These days will be on the 29th of November and the 6th of December. If you want to take part contact the consultation team at ‘[email protected]’ or simply show up on the day, dressed to get dirty.

The completion of the Garden challenge will take part on the 12th of December with a celebratory feast in which all are welcome.

With just over a month length of term one I for one can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in this time and what the new year will hold for us all.

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Volunteer days: Help us create a community roundhouse and forest garden

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 13.13.02Would you like to be involved in creating a new communal garden space for Frome?

Edventure:Frome is transforming a triangle of unused land along the river Frome in the Welshmill area into a beautiful, forest garden and outdoor meeting space. The aim is for it to be accessible to all generations where nature can be felt, explored and learned from, in order to build a more resilient, integrated and sustainable community and bring it together in nature. But…

We need your help to make it happen! You are welcome to either of our gardening volunteer days

on Saturday, 29th of November and Saturday, 6th of December 

There will be a mix of mulching and planting trees and scrubs to do and a delicious lunch and hot drinks will be provided.

We are offering the opportunity to learn hands-on about tree planting and mulching and to be part of the creation of a communal forest garden. Oh, and a free glass of mulled wine at our grand opening of the space on the evening of the 12th of December.

Up for it?

We will start both days at 10 am and break for lunch at 1 pm.

If you have your own tools – spades, fork, mattock, shovels etc. – and would be happy to bring them along please do.  Appropriate footwear will also be important (steal toe-caps or wellies ideally).

To get involved reply to [email protected] with your name, which day(s) you would like to attend and any tools you can bring.

If you are unable to make it on the day, here are our contact details:

Chris: 07580581577 Luisa: 07429082890


Hope to see you on the day!

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Back by Popular Demand: Paint the Town’s Create-On-Canvas at Edventure Welshmill Hub in Frome”

Back by Popular Demand:  Paint the Town’s Create-On-Canvas at Edventure Welshmill Hub in Frome”

“Create your own unique piece of canvas art suitable for hanging at the exceptionally inspiring Edventure Welshmill Hub in Frome in a professional evening out. Canvases, materials, and guidance are included in the price.  Suitable for both the complete beginner and accomplished artist.  Learn how to use photo transfers, fabric swatches, and good old-fashioned paints.  Bring yourself or a group – ideal for singles, girlfriends, couples, mothers & daughters, and birthday parties.  Walk away with an exceptional memory, your own unique art creation, newly acquired skills, and new friends. A fully stocked bar will also be available.”

Friday, 21st November 2014 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Tickets: £11

You can buy your tickets online now by clicking on this link:

Do you have questions about Paint The Town Red? Contact Beth Eckard
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Growerz Corner – Sunday Sessions

“Growerz Corner” presents a Frome Sunday Session of music and words


Coming up at the Welshmill Hub, and supported by Frome FM, is an afternoon and evening of creative words, poetry, live music and open mic for all to enjoy on the 9thNovember from 5pm.  “Growerz Corner” has been set up to bring creatives together and supports all those wanting to perform, grow as performers or just be entertained on a Sunday in a unique way.  With such a popular festival culture in Somerset over the summer months, November is that time of year when we all start to miss that feeling of community where creative people get together, have fun and explore artistic possibilities.  For those who have not dipped their toes in before, this would be a great opportunity to see what local homegrown talent Frome has to offer.

The line up is already looking very exciting with the organizers pleased to announce their special guest for the night Carrie Tree, one of the UK’s leading female vocalists.  Other acts will include Liv Torc, Bard of Exeter (2010) and winner of the South West heat of the Radio 4 Poetry Slam (2009), Helen Moore (eco poet and author), XJX, local rhythm and word performer, Jepson (‘from a galaxy far, far away’), Henry, Stu and Ben the Flowerpot Men, and teenage band Kuki and the Bard.  The latter are a fantastic example of fresh, young up and coming talent. Vocalist Kuki and her brother Ize (‘the Bard’), aged 12 and 15 respectively, have been touring the South West and wowing crowds at such festivals as Sunrise, Small World and Buddhafield.  Once described as ‘fresher than a limoncello’ Kuki’s vocals are sure to delight her audience.  There will also be a one hour open mic during the evening.  With poets at 5pm, live music from 6pm and open mic commencing at 7.30pm there will be something for everybody to enjoy.

Organiser Daniel Dobbie, an experienced festival producer who has worked with the Green Man and Big Chill Festivals explains, “Growerz Corner is about growing people through spoken words, music and open mic.  It’s about getting people together to enjoy each other’s company and also supporting people to step up and do the creative things they dream of doing.  This will be a one-off festival-style evening at what promises to be an exciting new venue”.  Growerz Corner will be brought to Frome in association with the successful Edventure: Frome, which is a social enterprise offering an apprenticeship programme to young people aged 18 to 30, as well as support and training in entrepreneurship for young adults.  Edventure’s Welsh Mill Hub is fast becoming a well-loved creative venue in Frome for hot desking, meetings for community groups and creative events such as this.  Daniel Dobbie goes on to explain: “I think this is a great opportunity to demonstrate how people in the community can support young people, giving them confidence and coaching in the arts, crafts and business world.  We already have four local poets under the age of 24 performing and we will be supporting them in rehearsal so that they grow through this experience.  It will be a really positive and multi-generational event!”

Chloe Meanwell, Operations Manager at Edventure and former apprentice, says of the event, “Growerz Corner will be a one-off music and spoken word event happening at the Welsh Mill Hub (a new community venue in Frome).  It precedes a series of future events which will be starting here, funded by Frome Town Council and Edventure: Frome, although Growerz Corner is an independent event.  Growerz Corner has a unique set-up but we should soon have a wide variety of different events happening at the Welsh Mill Hub, a flexible, creative arts and music venue.  Get in touch if you’re interested in using the space for your own projects!”

Frome’s Mayor Peter Macfadyen has been involved with Edventure: Frome from its inception and said of this event, “I think Edventure is now playing a really interesting and important role in bringing people together through their Welsh Mill Hub.  This event should appeal to anyone and everyone, either as performers in a supportive place, or as an audience enjoying a great night out”.

It is not too late to get involved, so if you have a passion for spoken words you can email the organizers at [email protected] explaining exactly what you want to sing or say. Any video or audio links are preferred but not essential.

Recommended donations on the door will be £3/£5/£8- with free entry for under 18’s.  There will be a bar available serving a range of drinks run by Edventure: Frome.  All proceeds on the door go back into supporting artists and future productions.

Frome has so much musical and creative talent and it is about time we created some larger indoor events where we can come together and make our ideas happen!  If you want be part of this exciting new live experience come down and support us!


sunday sessions final draft poster copy

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