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Edventure is recruiting again: Edventure facilitator & coordinator


thank you for your interest in working with Edventure.

The advertised position (32 hrs week / £16.000pa) will be crucial in developing and delivering Edventure programmes over the next few years, integrating diverse members of our community. For details, please download the job description and person specification below. Based on our equal opportunities policy we will also consider job shares and flexible working.

Applications are open until January 8th 2016 (3pm). We will let you know by January 12th whether we will invite you for an interview. Interviews will be held on January 18th 2015. The start date for this position will be as soon as possible after the interviews.

To apply please send us a cover letter and CV. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact

Click below to .pdf below for more information:

Job Description & Person Specification Nov 2015

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Gwen’s review of week 1 at Edventure

Week – One – Day One!

Our first day at Edventure and with a new group of nine people we spent the first day getting to know one another. Our first task was to pair up and write a list of assumptions about the other person, questions like ‘what type of music do they like, and ‘what was their family background like’ … which led to some interesting and often surprising results. It really highlighted how easy t is to assume so much about a person first hand, but when you get to know them often a whole other story emerges. In the afternoon we took part in an exercise called the ‘river of life’, a story of our lives highlighting the key moments that led us to Edventure, a great tool to get to know each other and team building. By the end of the day we all felt so much closer and not at all like a new group of people coming together. Great stuff!

Day Two

We visited several projects in Bristol including Hamilton House and the City Farm exploring different social enterprises this way really helped inspire us with our own project. We also got opportunities to discuss what is possible in regards to our own food waste project with the people running each project.

Day Three

On day three we looked at our qualities and how they can become our pitfalls when pushed too far, it was an interesting exercise in perception and many insights gained. Afterwards we looked at what happens when we step out of our comfort zone, push our boundaries and the potential that is possible as a result.

Day Four

Helen Moore facilitated a session about consensus decision making and with Neil we explored the essential ingredients in making a successful team. In the afternoon we got to try out the consensus decision making method for ourselves, through setting our ground rules for the group. We also looked into reflective practice as a method of insuring the group and project is always evolving in the right direction. In the afternoon we made a vision board which involved cutting various pictures or words out of magazines and making a poster with them, a very interesting creative way of holding a vision and reflecting later on whether the vision came alive!

End of the first week! So much happened and so much inspiration!

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Otty’s low down on week 4 at Edventure’s Food Waste Challenge

Last week at Edventure the ‘Feast on This… ‘ food waste initiative got underway. We split into groups to manage and organise the different areas of the project i.e. community engagement, planning events, sourcing food and managing finances and funding.

On Monday we started compiling a list of possible food source contacts such as local businesses, supermarkets, farms and growers.

We also made up some prototypes for marketing materials such as business cards and fliers and set up a Facebook page and Instagram account

Half the group went off to make shelves and clean out the food storage area  we’ve secured at the back of the Welshmill Hub.

Over the next few days we continued to try and make contact with possible venues for workshops and pop up events and suppliers.

A couple of us went down to the supermarkets such as the Co-op, Lidl and M&S to ask about they would be possible sources. So far there has been no direct response from these larger chain businesses. We are also looking into S.K Fruits as another avenue and have been told by them to speak directly to the farmer who owns the chain.

We contacted the YMCA via the Routes café and left our contact details there fir the manager. They seemed enthusiastic about the possibility of hosting a monthly cooking workshop for the people who live at the hostel or those who use the Routes café  which felt promising. Plan to go again next week to pursue this.

In addition to this space we are  exploring the Bridge café and the local Scouts hut as other venues which we aim to make contact with next week.




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Edventure Autumn 2015 – Our new crew has started to tackle waste food in Frome

Exciting news. Our new crew of participants has started to tackle waste food in Frome. We’ll be posting regular updates in the next few weeks to keep you up to date. Their challenge is to set up a community enterprise tackling waste food until Christmas. Here is the crew:



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Job Vacancy: Hub and Operations Manager

Please note that this position has now been filled.

Thank you for your interest!

We are looking for a new team member from September 7th 2015 – a Hub and Operations Manager. Application deadline is August 26th, 9am. Thank you for taking the time to explore this opportunity. Download the .pdf below to find the job description, person specification, and details on how to apply.

Hub & Operations Manager 2015 – Job Spec – Edventure Frome – July 2015

Any questions, please contact


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SHARE video and recruiting now

The SHARE film is out. And on that note, please ‘share’ the news that we are recruiting again for the Edventure Community Enterprise Programme – this time the programme will focus on tackling food waste.

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Our society is wasting the talent of 40% of young people

In the face of overwhelming social, environmental and economic challenges we need the creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of young people to create solutions for building a better world. And yet, 40% of young people are either unemployed, under-employed or working in the wrong job. Imagine, these 2.4 Million young people were given the opportunity and trust to contribute positively to our society. The Local Goverment Agency published a report on the “Hidden Talent” of young people. Unleashing this Hidden Talent is Edventure’s mission. Here are the figures…

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 17.25.11


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Discover a different way of doing business – July 5th 2015

Free entry – Find out about local Social and Community Owned Enterprises; Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies in Frome. Part of Co-operatives Fortnight. Organised by Somerset Co-operative services. Register on Facebook.

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Help us win 10k – to help tackle food waste, poverty and unemployment in Frome

We want to recruit 8 diverse, unemployed young adults this autumn to help tackle waste food and poverty in Frome. We got accepted to the public voting stage of the AVIVA community fund and with your votes we now have a good chance to secure 10k to help us make it happen.

Here a brief instruction on how to vote  (it takes 2 minutes):

1. View our project – CLICK HERE

2. Click on Register and Log in (on the right)

3. Enter your Name, email & a password

4. You’ll get an email to activate your account & sign in

5. View our project again — and give us all 10 of your votes please 🙂

That’s it! Done.

Now you could help us multiply your votes by sharing it in your networks – here is a suggested Facebook post / tweet:

Vote for Edventure to win 10k to help tackle food waste, poverty and unemployment in Frome 

Thank you so much for your support!

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Reflections by an Edventure Apprentice – week 4 & 5 of the apprenticeship

Chris, a current apprentice of Edventure, reflects on a couple of weeks of working as part of the team that has the challenge to set up “SHARE – a library of things” in a shop on the hight street in Frome.


WEEK FOUR: 30/03 – 03/04

Early on in the project, an expert came in to talk to us about social enterprise. She informed us that at certain points during any start-up a group will experience what is called the ‘groan zone’. For me, the ‘groan zone’ came on the week beginning 30th March 2015. The honeymoon stage of the project was over and it was time to make the transition from the planning stage to the doing stage. There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of tasks that needed to be undertaken and it didn’t help that a lot of the team were off sick. 

Thankfully, one good decision we had made previously was to separate all the many tasks into different categories, with each category overseen by one or two people. These categories and their respective overseers were the following: PR/Marketing (May and Jacob); Shop Design/Build (Dom and Zoltan); Engagement/Events (Biz); Systems/Finance (Maija); Brand/Logo (also Maija); Items/Volunteers (me); and Project Manager (Charley). The last role turned out to be crucial. It was so important to have a project manager monitoring the progress of each area, holding daily meetings and having an overarching view of the whole project. Charley integrated well into the democratic nature of the group, acting as a coordinator rather than a ‘boss’. As a whole this system worked smoothly, with the different work teams and the project manager seamlessly interweaving with each other.

My three highlights of the week were 1) the decision to name the shop SHARE: A Library of Things, 2) staying at the shop till 10pm on Wednesday to create an intrigue banner, which was particularly enjoyable because it showed us coming together out of a sense of enthusiasm for the project, rather than out of a grudging sense of obligation, and 3) April Fools Day, where we covered the floor of the Hub in hundreds of post-it notes, as a tribute to our dear course facilitator, Johannes, known for his tendency to incorporate post-it notes into every stage of the business planning process.

In regard to the smaller teams, Dom and Zoltan spent the week brainstorming ideas for the design of the shop, collecting images from Pinterest and creating a list of all the materials that would be needed for the shop build. May created a timeline for the PR/Marketing campaign, finalised SHARE’s key messaging and wrote a press release. Biz went to events like the ‘Money Matters’ event at the Cheese and Grain, Maija made a draft of the financial policy and I finalised a mail-out asking if people would be prepared to donate items to SHARE.

Despite all the progress described above (and perhaps we were too quick to forget our achievements), the group found the week challenging through being so thinly spread at times. At one point four people out of eight were off sick. The good news is that all the frustration brewing in the group was voiced at the weekly process meeting on Thursday afternoon. Some felt that there hadn’t been clear enough communication as to what the tasks were and who was doing what, and there was a general consensus that there needed to be a better planning meeting on Monday morning. I think this process meeting reaffirmed group unity, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this week, it’s that creating a sense of wellbeing in the group is perhaps more important than getting on with the tasks.


WEEK FIVE: 06/04 – 10/04

Moving on from the disharmony of Week Four, Week Five began much more cohesively. Biz organised fun activities to get the group going each morning, from dancing in SHARE with scarves around our heads to playing poo sticks over the River Frome. We also had a good initial meeting to discuss the tasks which had to be actioned that week. Charley, as project manager, facilitated this discussion brilliantly, creating a timeline for the week tailored to each person’s needs and skills. Finally, we worked in SHARE for the entirety of that week, which certainly improved our sense of togetherness. Sat around the table on our computers, we could get on with our individual tasks and share ideas when we needed to. 

On the Sunday prior to this week began, SHARE made its presence felt at the Frome Independent Market, thanks to Biz and Charley. People flooded in all day, adding items to our wish list and suggesting ways of making SHARE a dynamic shop. This is the really rewarding aspect of this project for us – engaging with the community and creating a space which will (hopefully) be a communal space long after we’ve gone.

During this week, Maija, with the help of her sister Ebanie, did a great job of designing the brand, utilising a programme that few else seem to know how to use: Photoshop. The brand now has SHARE written in white writing on an orange background, with images of tools, leisure items and household items displayed below. May got us launched online, setting up our Facebook account and building our website. Biz carried on with her role of engaging the wider community, networking with different organisations in Frome as well as creating a quirky postbox through which locals could post their ideas for the shop. Charley, as well as liaising with different groups, began the process of setting up SHARE’s database, using a framework from the sharing website My Turn. Dom and Zoltan began sourcing different materials, from pallets to paint to sanders, and I began collating information received from the many people who are prepared to donate items to the shop.

Like last week, we gathered at the shop on Wednesday evening, this time to scrape and level the uneven floor. With Bob Marley in the background and a couple of beers at hand, it was nice to be doing physical work after the conceptual work of prior weeks. It was also a relief to be starting work upon the physical transformation of the shop – with four weeks to go, the shop build was a priority. At one point, a kindly man came into the shop and told us what a great job we were doing, which spurred us on with greater enthusiasm. As I said earlier, the value of this project really lies in those little interactions with locals…

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