Celebrating the challenges our current apprentices worked on

Challenge #3 The Hub Build

Celebrating the challenges Team 2 worked on!

While our apprentices are now working on their personal projects and self-employment, we thought its a good time to look back at the team challenges they took on when they first started with Edventure in September 2013. Its incredible what they achieved in 3 months!

Challenge #2-  Oasis Game @ Welshmill Hub

Challenge # 3-  The Hub Build

Recycling and Up-cycling fantastic furniture

The first challenge for our students this year was to set up a community workspace that would bring diverse parts of our community together.

Challenge #4 – The Launch Event

Challenge #4 – The Launch Event

Challenge #5 – The Enterprise Challenge

Challenge #6 – Participate Frome

Frome Town Council commissioned us to engage the local community to share their thoughts about Frome. Our apprentices came up with a the brilliant idea to get people to write their favourite thing about Frome, and One thing I would change about Frome on blackboards.

My favourite thing about Frome : meeting the people you know all the time – the sandpit in the park and the people!
One thing I would change about Frome : more shops, more parks for kids, kids clothes shops- more council housing with gardens – more shops restaurants and better parks – more restaurants and hotels

Challenge #7 – The Dippy Consultation

Guy Watts pen & ink map to publicise the challenge # 7

The Dippy challenge was commissioned to Edventure by Frome town council. Our task was to design and deliver a public consultation process aimed at discovering the community’s uses, needs and aspirations for the Dippy (an area of semi-wilderness in the Keyford/ Mount area of Frome). Looking at the skills available within our team, we approached this challenge creatively using drawing, mapping, story telling, treasure hunting, bramble slashing and pizza to engage with the public and collect information. After this gathering process we compiled a report for the council, and will be sharing our findings back to the community soon.

Through this challenge the apprentices were able to work with a diverse community and learn how to facilitate public meetings. We had the opportunity to experiment with fresh and different approaches to public engagement while creating useful links with Aster Communities and Friends of the Mount, Marston and Keyford, organisations who were already working in the area. Having collected a variety of types of information, this challenge also taught us skills in sorting and presenting this data in the official report and also to think about how our findings could be given back to the public (see “quote map”). We have had positive feedback both from the council and participants, and really enjoyed working with everyone involved.

The Dippy – Team Challenge # 7

Challenge # 8 – The Pizza Oven

Apprentices Katie Lyttle and Redd How create a wood-fired pizza business

Challenge # 9 – Music Nights

Challenge # 9 Music Nights

Among the challenges Chloe enjoyed most was creating the Music Nights.