Community Business Planning Workshop

5 hour introduction workshop to community business planning

“We need a business plan!” Do you really? What kind of plan will actually help you make progress? Starting a community enterprise or project is a dynamic and constantly evolving process. A traditional business plan – although useful at later stages of the project – is often too restraining in the start-up phase. This workshop will introduce tools that can provide enough clarity and focus while also leaving enough flexibility to adapt your plan as you go along.


  • Knowledge about the social business development process, underpinned by case-studies.
  • An introduction to Theory of Change, Social Lean Canvas, and market research tools.
  • All planning models applied to your own project, business or idea in the making, including feedback.
  • Guidance on next steps and a collection of online resources for further learning and development.

Way of working

There will be no powerpoint and we will try to keep theoretical input as succinct as possible. We will apply the tools introduced to your start-up ideas – however vague or hypothetical they are – and draw on feedback from the whole group to help you get insights into your business model and ideas for your next steps.

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