A day at Edventure (Crafting and being Brilliant)

Today has been a good day. Started the morning off in a bit of a haze, standard, and as ever with a few coffees down my neck I woke up again. 

Had our delivery of insulation arrive this morning half way through our check-in’s, so we all dropped task and went like a family of ants down the stairs to collect these what looked like giant cotton wool balls, one by one up the stairs again into the workshop, and later in the day up the ladder to Johannes’ office.

The afternoon in the workshop was really fun. We had music and power-tools, each other and sawdust. We cut and screwed, glued and clamped. We got annoyed, we rejoiced. We felt accomplished, we felt deflated. To hold your-self within a group that is working toward an end is a task in itself sometimes. To be integral to your needs and your ideas, yet make yourself flexible enough to accommodate the organic ideas coming from this unique combination of people. Wow. What a wonder.

The 4:40pm collective review is a good thing. It means we all have to get out of what we’ve been doing for hours, to re-connect with one another and how we are feeling. How we see the motions of the day having played out, how we feel about what we’ve accomplished, and of course a chance to lie down on the sofa and rest.

Then at 5pm we can go, but no one moves because we’re all so tired, the greatest kind of tired; an exhaustion from creating and sharing and crafting and being brilliant.