Edventure in your town? Join our course and bring it to your community.

Would you like to run our 11 week flagship course and incubation programme in your community?

For the last 8 years we have been running Edventure Start-up, a 11-week course in community entrepreneurship in Frome. Twice a year, a team of 8-12 young adults comes together to learn by doing. They launch a community enterprise that makes a tangible difference in Frome on behalf of a client, and with the help of the local people, businesses and experts. It’s a win-win: Our students get hands-on start-up experience and teaching, and a local, community enterprise gets help to launch an initiative or develop a product that benefits Frome. 

The student team is guided by a brief from a client and supported by a facilitator who takes them through a structured process of engaging the local community, conducting market research and generating ideas for the start-up. Once signed off by the client, the students then create a project plan and take the start-up to launch; all within 10 weeks.

For example, our student teams worked on setting up Share – A library of things, the Community Fridge, the Walled Garden Plant Nursery, Wardrobe Collective, the Welsh mill Hub and more

We know that there are many communities around the UK that could benefit from having their own Edventure Start-up course. Over the years we had many expressions of interest to replicate Edventure. We now have a digital course platform that enables us to share our work more easily. It includes session plans, video materials, student stories and a structured step-by-step process for both students and facilitators to complete a start-up project and learn experientially.

So, we now have the capacity to share our work. We are working with charities and community organisations across Somerset and beyond to form partnerships that will work alongside Edventure to deliver Start-up in their regions. But to do this we need more people trained in the Edventure ways.

Do you think you might have what it takes to facilitate this innovative and life changing course? We are offering two places on our next course starting in April where you will be able to experience the programme from the student side, while learning valuable facilitation skills.

If you complete the course successfully, you will be able to take the learning and the on-line support material back to your community and run the course yourself, and apply to future facilitator posts with us.  

Sound interesting? Get in touch to find out more. Email