On our Start-Up Course, students set up a community enterprise as a team

Below, are some examples, which are run by Edventure or our partner organisations on an ongoing basis

Share – a library of things

The UK’s first SHARE shop is a “Library of Things” where local residents can borrow all sorts of items. The aim of SHARE is to get people spending less, wasting less and connecting more. By doing this, people save money, reduce carbon and waste, and cultivate a happier, more resilient community.

Community Fridge Frome

Food waste is a big issue in the UK. The average household throws away £470 worth of food every year. And at the same time 4 million people in the UK are living in food poverty. The UK’s first Community Fridge is a simple response: Drop off good but unwanted food, and anyone can help themselves to what is on the shelf.

The Welsh Mill Hub

The Welsh Mill Hub is a community enterprise started by a team of students at Edventure: Frome. It is shared workspace and community venue for Frome, and it is also home to Remakery: Frome – a community workshop.

Frome Wardrobe Collective

The focus of the START-UP course students who created the Frome Wardrobe Collective was “Ethical fashion”. They set up a clothing exchange with a difference: A practical, ethical, fun and affordable way for the people of Frome to break dependence on chain retailers selling poor quality clothing that all too often ends up in bins.

Remakery: Frome

A shared affordable, flexible community workshop space for makers and fixers who want to work on their own projects, for their hobbies, or to incubate a making business. The vision is bring people together to inspire each other, repair more and enjoy making.

Edspace – making shared living work

The Housing Crisis ChallengeEdventure Start-Up Course #6 The housing crisis affects young adults in particular. What can we do to create affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of a generation of young adults who want to keep their overheads low in order to spend more time on their development, starting up enterprises or making [...]

Roundhouse Garden

A community space and forest garden for Frome.

Feast On This – Autumn 2015

The fifth generation of Edventure participants took on one main challenge as part of their course with Edventure. Their challenge was to utilise food that would otherwise be wasted through cooking, sharing and educating. Their aim was to raise awareness around food waste through engagement with different groups within the Frome community. Their legacy was the community Fridge. 

Legends of Frome

Our 7th team of students created an immersive performance to bring the stories from different communities in Frome alive.