A Place for Makers, Fixers, Do-ers and Breakers

Remakery:Frome is a community enterprise created by a student team on Edventure: Frome’s Start-Up Course.

It is a shared affordable, flexible community workshop space for makers, fixers, do-ers and breakers. For people who want to work on their own projects, create things together, or to incubate a making business. The vision is bring people together to inspire each other, repair more and enjoy making. 

The Remakery is home to many inspiring local initiatives including both the Men’s and Women’s Sheds, Frome Light The Night. It is also home to Edventure:Frome’s MAKE Course where young adults design and make ethical products to sell at Frome Independent Market. 

The Remakery is an an affordable, flexible space to rent and many local makers hire it to host workshops and courses.