From Flax to Fibre – a workshop with Flaxland UK (Sewing the Seeds project)


The Silk Mill

Merchants Barton Saxonvale, Frome, BA11 1PT

Frome, Somerset, GB, BA11 1PT

A 3 hour practical workshop with Simon and Ann from Flaxland UK who will introduce you processing flax to fibre, as part of Sewing The Seeds

How is cloth made? Reconnect with nature by transforming flax plants into fibre for cordage and linen yarn.

A three hour practical workshop for adults 18+ with Simon and Ann from Flaxland UK who will introduce you to the processes of breaking, scutching, hackling and drop spinning flax.

This workshop is aimed at the community flax growers who are part of the Sewing The Seeds Project in Frome

Friday 20th September, 2024

Morning Workshop from 9:30am to 12:30pm


Afternoon Workshop from 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Sewing the Seeds is a community project to grow metre square plots of flax for food and fibre. For further information please email

This activity is supported by Edventure’s Future Shed which supports community-led ideas, connections, collectives and enterprises.

Future Shed is part of Green & Healthy Frome, a partnership programme of Edventure Frome, Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council taking action on health and climate funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.

Parking: please use the town centre car parks nearby as there is very limited parking at the Silk Mill.

Sewing the Seeds is a project to engage people and groups in our local community to grow a metre square plot of flax or linseed and to gather together every couple of weeks to explore how it is progressing and to discuss how it is affected by climate change. Flax is one of the most sustainable plants in our environment. It is used for food, industry and fibre. With a shared growing, foraging and processing experience over six months, we continue to meet up for conversations, skill sharing and practical workshops to benefit our sense of communal well-being. 

These practical workshops follow on from a very informative talk by Simon, an artisan grower, educator and promoter of flax. Flaxland was set up just outside Stroud, Gloucestershire in 2008 by Simon and Ann Cooper. It started from their interest in traditional maritime wooden boats and farming. With no flax industry remaining in the UK they reverted to cottage industry methods of building and developing hand tools, harvesting and working crops by hand to process raw flax fibres into linen. They are experts in the field and we are thrilled that they are offering their expertise for these workshops. If you would like to have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of a workshop where you have learned how to produce flax yarn, please join us.