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July 5


10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Future Shed Frome


The Blue House

4 The Bridge, Frome, BA11 1AP

Frome, England, GB, BA11 1AP

Join Vaishnavi to explore our voices in a somatic, ecological way – a state of presence, using sound and movement.

Rewilding the Voice

Our feelings about the health of our planet can sometimes feel so overwhelming and complex that we shut them down. Or the everyday stresses of life take precedence. Either way, this is a space offered to feel, express and release whatever might be bubbling inside you.

This is not a singing workshop and everyone is welcome – especially if you believe you ‘can’t sing’. You will be guided into reclaiming the raw, authentic sounds that your body and being naturally make. We’re inviting your wild, primal selves to bring forth their love for the wild, primal earth – in whatever changing and conflicting forms that may take, moment-to-moment. You may end up doing something that could be considered ‘singing’ but that is not the aim. More to set free the bird that throws out sound without holding back and restoring permission to the young child who makes noise without self-censorship!

It could be argued that much of what isn’t wonderful about how the human race are stewarding our planet is the result of being socially rewarded for being largely ‘in our heads’ (particularly our analytical, intellectual left brains), ‘being busy’ and achieving. In addition, we are constantly bombarded by advertising which is designed to pull us into a dissatisfied, future-focused state.

This workshop will be a space in which you are invited to slow down and drop into your body and a state of presence, using sound and movement. It’s also an unusual opportunity to spend time with others, not through our more conditioned modes of self-consciousness and small-talk but to, instead, deeply feel ourselves and each other, beyond words.

What to Expect

Vaishnavi will also introduce her work sharing her interests and practice in relation to our wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing.

• We will be a group of up to 15 participants (with assistants available to support).
• We will start with some playful practices and games solo, in pairs and in circle and do some of the deeper work in small groups of three.
• Everything is at choice and you are welcome to step out at any point.
• As well as the experience during the workshop, you will also come away with some simple tools to support you to metabolise and integrate difficult feelings.


Just as speeding-up and not being present in your body is a really effective way to avoid experiencing uncomfortable feelings – slowing down and getting in touch with that backlog can be overwhelming. Whilst many of you will experience a sense of relief and “lightness” through this journey, please be aware that you may experience uncomfortable feelings too, which we will do our best to support through the session.

By participating in this workshop, you acknowledge that Vaishnavi is not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional and is not available for follow-up support. Her work does not replace the care of psychologists, doctors or other healthcare professionals and this workshop is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling, psychotherapy, mental health counselling, or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice.

If you are unsure about joining or have any specific concerns or questions, please do reach out to Vaishnavi (aka “V”) through before booking / attending.

About Vaishnavi Brassey

Vaishnavi didn’t dare sing in front of another human until she was 30 so she understands only too painfully the challenge making oneself heard can be for some. She found her way back to her voice through mantra and bhajan (Indian devotional song) and has most enjoyed un-learning with various vocal rebels including Chloe Goodchild (the Naked Voice) and Briony Greenhill (Collaborative Vocal Improvisation). Now at ease performing for huge audiences and with over a million streams on her debut album Maha Mata, her passion is sharing her journey as a beacon of hope for those who long to reclaim their voice.

After a Human Sciences degree and a career in film and TV production, she went through two decades of burnout and chronic illness, which has fuelled her interest in wellbeing. She has been facilitating transformational group work since 2001 with yoga and voice workshops and retreats and, most recently, Deep Work: a 6-month online trauma resolution journey. Since 2019, she has apprenticed in embodiment tools, somatic resourcing and nervous system regulation with Rachel Rickards and Buster Radvik of Embodied Intimacy, co-creating their flagship online training ReSource in 2020. Last year, she explored the mysterious art of holding emergent fields as part of the team on the 2023 Field Facilitator Training.

Living in Frome for many years, and still with deep connections in the community, Vaishnavi is now blessed to live off grid in West Wales. She is learning to slow down and releasing her original songs into the wild. The self-made short film to her debut release If Trees Could Talk was an award-winner at the Climates International Film Festival and her upcoming single Dear Human Race was selected to feature on We Are Wild Sessions.

The Future Shed Health & Wellbeing Network is part of the Lottery funded Green & Healthy Frome. We are able to provide this event for free, as part of our movement building around community wellbeing in relation to the climate crisis. Please only book in if you are a resident of Frome and the surrounding villages. Places are limited.

Future Shed Health & Wellbeing Network:

We welcome anyone who wants to connect around wellbeing and climate, including health and wellbeing practitioners and facilitators – anyone interested in how we can work together to address the health of ourselves and our planet.

We are a growing network of 40+ practitioners based in and around Frome – wellbeing facilitators, health professionals and community connectors. You don’t need any specific skills, only the desire to grow a healthier greener community.

Kerry-Ann Peachey, a wellbeing practitioner based in Frome, is co-hosting this network with Future Shed. In 2024, we are running some practical wellbeing sessions and focused meet ups.

Future Shed is part of Green & Healthy Frome, a partnership programme of Edventure Frome, Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council taking action on health and climate funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.

Future Shed is part of Edventure Frome.

Future Shed is about ideas and connections, collectives and enterprise – we are cooking up ideas and ventures to make real change around climate and wellbeing. This is a space to meet up, connect and build relationships to effect change. Come with your own idea, or join someone else’s. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re already in the thick of a venture or just toying with an idea, or you’re passionate about making a difference but not sure where to start? Everyone’s welcome.

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