An Evening of soup, conversation and community

Taunton: Wed 28 Sep. Frome: Wed 18 Jan. Taunton Wed 19 Apr. 6-8pm

Our Edventure Start-Up students meet for the first time on a Monday and embark a challenge to make ideas real. 2 days later they host their first event – Edventure Soup. They’ll introduce themselves, present their project and ask for your ideas, input and support to make their project come to life.

Please join us to gather a community of support around the team and their project. There will be food, discussion, community and who knows what else.

It’s quite amazing how people in Frome rally behind ideas and initiatives that are good for our town. In order to address the challenges we face and build solutions, we need to come together around practical things that we can really do as a community. Edventure: SOUP is an evening where we welcome everyone who’s interested to come and share their thoughts and ideas.

Johannes Moeller, M.D. Edventure: Frome

Edventure Soup is always one of my favourite events in the Frome calendar. Hearing from young adults so passionate about starting something new to make a difference in their community is an inspiration every time. Watching our community come together around an idea and offer it’s support to those young adults is a beautiful thing to see.

Cassie Morris, Ex-Edventure Start-Up Student. Now, MAKE SHED & Routes Programmes Lead

Soup is a very important part of the Start-Up Course. It gives the students a taste of their agency in the world, and provides the perfect launch pad to build a community around their idea. It is also a wonderful opportunity for local people to learn about the new project and provide their own insights. And it’s also a lovely way for the community can show support to these young people trying to make a difference.

Doug Stewart, Edventure Start-Up Programmes Lead

Attending Edventure’s Start-Up Soup event is a brilliant way to engage and connect with the new start-up project and to hear the student’s aspirations and aims for the enterprise. It’s great to see so many like minded people from the local community at the Soup events. People who want to support the students, share ideas and skills and see positive changes that not only benefit people locally and our environment, but show us how we can be the change we want to see.

Lisa Haines, Operations Lead, Edventure: Frome

Please join us and:

The Current Edventure Start-Up Challenge

On our Edventure Start-Up Course, students spend 11 weeks starting-up a community enterprise in response to a local challenge.


Wed 28 Sep 2022 - 6pm-8pm

The challenge for this team will be announced by end of July 2022.


Wed 18 Jan 2023 - 6pm-8pm

The challenge for this team will be announced by end of Nov 2022.


Wed 19 Apr 2023 - 6pm-8pm

The challenge for this team will be announced by end of Jan 2023.