Frome Supermarket

Transformational Learning through Adventure: Taking Risks to Make Things Happen 

As part of Edventure every apprentice develops a personal project or business. Ben had been planning to start a wood-recycling business with Harry.  Their dream was to involve young unemployed people to recycle waste wood from the local community and use it to sell upcycled wood and build furniture.  By taking their dream into action, they gained skills for setting up a business and met many personal challenges along the way.

 A few months in Ben struggled to keep his motivation for the project and in a review session he reflected “When I dream about something everything seems possible. It feels like I can be who I want to be and that I can overcome anything. But then when I get stuck in, everything seems much more difficult.  I feel like I don’t have the right skills. I get distracted with new dreams and lose my motivation”.

Making an idea or project happen is going like going on an adventure.  Driven by a dream, an idea of what is possible, a journey begins that takes people away from what they know and what is comfortable, requiring them to meet inner and outer challenges. They gain skills that will help them on the way, find supporters and draw out the best of themselves –  in short,  learn and transform. 

Making a project happen is both a source of practical learning and an impulse for personal development.  This kind of learning ties into who people are and what is really important to them.  Ben and Harry are now running a small business building furniture an outdoor shelters of recycled wood

We had a great day at Frome Independent Market.