A bi-yearly event for local people to get involved in our courses and start-ups

At the Edventure SOUP we will present our next Edventure course and start-up, and ask how people would like get involved or support it. Some of the ways you can get involved include coaching students, volunteering on the course, working with our students to create a brand, lending us tools or offering short-term affordable housing for a student.

At this event people will be asked to pledge the support they would like to give. 

Our aim is to gather a community around our next student team to enable them to start-up an enterprise for the benefit of Frome

The next Edventure soup will happen on January 18th 7-9pm at The Welsh Mill Hub Frome.

Join us for soup & conversations at Edventure about our next community start-up.
We are looking for people in Frome who are passionate about repairing, fixing and remaking stuff, and would be interested to get involved.

Edventure will be recruiting a team of 10 students who will set up a repair focused community enterprise in Frome (starting in March). Potentially a repair space with regular repair related events, teaching skills and enhancing the life-time of stuff.

Everyone is welcome to come to the event, and we are particularly looking for people who:
– Have experience in or want to learn about fixing things – professionally or as a hobby.
– People who may be interested to join the student team working on this project
– Local people who would be interested to teach, mentor and support our students with practical repair or business start-up related skills.

The evening will start at with informal introductions and homemade soup & bread, followed by a short presentation and discussions.