Edventure is run by and for people in Frome.

Can you volunteer your skills, resources and network to support our students to set up community enterprises and initiatives that tackle local challenges? For example, people contribute anything from an hour to a day to coach students, work with them to create a website or brand, show them around their business, lend them a trailer, help them with business planning or learn more about the challenges and resources available in Frome.

How to get involved

  1. Come to one of our monthly meet-ups for an informal introduction 
  2. Join an Edventure Soup event to hear about upcoming projects, what input is needed and pledge your support.
  3. Meet the students during their first week at an evening event.
  4. Work with our students to teach practical skills, run a workshop, support our tutors or to mentor students 1 on 1.    
  5. Join the final project celebration.

More about mentoring.