Goings on in Week Five of the Startup Course…

The team is now prepped and rearing to go, this is the week Edventure lets us loose. We are now, as a team, responsible for what follows. Whilst this might sound ominous it actually heralds the start of the project really getting off the ground. The Edventure program begins with four weeks of trainings and guidance lead by Edventure, from week five onwards the team is independent and responsible for taking up the learning, making our ideas into something tangible.

In this particular project we have three main areas: the interior design and build, the marketing and sales of the Edspace commercially and creating a model for the Edspace to support social housing and people affected by the conditions of the housing and development market.

We came together as a team on the Monday to get out of Frome and have a change of perspective.
Jez, one of the Edventure coaches, led us all out into the sticks, which around Frome is never really far away.



Tuesday saw the beginning of the team dividing off into the separate elements of the project.
Julia and Rory worked with Graham to design and begin prototypes for the new Edspace interiors.

Adam got the Edspace all set up for social media posts using Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule up to 30 posts in advance to release throughout Edspace social media platforms. This means once we leave, there will still be a wealth of material going out live, helping to drive interest and keep things moving forward.

Tom and Niki began designing the new sales document and marketing materials, with the graphic design taking its inspiration from subtle shapes formed in the Edspace’s construction. Although that will remain a mystery to you for now, but all will be revealed at our Edspace Final Event on the 22nd of March – Book tickets here

Maxine and Hettie continued to explore the opportunity to use the building of each Edspace as a training program, hoping to unite local colleges with Chisel and Grain to offer work experience and eventually apprenticeships, particularly for those affected by homelessness. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos for this as Hettie was behind the camera and Maxine was working from Wales… but you don’t really want to see more pictures of people at laptops anyway!

In the midst of all this we had ITV visit to film Edventure’s work as part of a bid for funding. Edventure have been selected down to the final 5 contenders to receive the grant, which if successful, they will use to remake the Remakery into a better equipped and functioning space.




A big thank you to Allen from Edventure

for talking about the Remakery to ITV