walled garden mells
walled garden mells

Student Reflections: “And … It’s a Wrap!”

By Tammie

What a wonderful couple of months these have been!

Now sadly coming to an end….

The final launch event and open day at the Walled Garden on the 31st of Oct was a big success. It was amazing to see the space being used as we envisioned, with the community coming together to spend time in the beautiful walled garden.

During the day we used the newly developed Poly tunnel space to run craft activities, everyone got stuck in with clay modelling and nature crafts. The pumpkin carving was very popular, as well as the pizza and hot mulled apple juice being served from the cafe.

The event was an opportunity for us to share what we have put in place for the foundations of this new community venture, and plans for the future of the garden. 

The vision for the Walled Garden Plant Nursery is for it to be used by a diverse range of people, for them to come together and work in the garden. Currently there are groups from local schools who come to help out and learn gardening skills. 

The Polytunnel space that we have developed will be used for activities and workshops, and is available for hire.

Over the last few weeks we ran a series of volunteer days which were met with a lot of enthusiasm and will continue every Wednesday until the end of December. There will be a new volunteer day schedule coming out in the new year, so if you have some time to spare and would like to help out please get involved!

The exciting future design of the plant nursery, envisioned by Diane
Young has created a beautiful logo and various signs for the garden!

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, from all of the 13th edventure Start-Up team. Personally, I’ll see you around Frome, this town has caught me for now! 

Team 13 – “And … It’s a Wrap!”