Week 5- Gable End


We’ve tipped over the middle way and are well and truly into the second half of the course. With the site largely cleared, the construction under full swing in the workshop, market research getting excited, and business modelling underway, The Hub and The Team are really living up to their natures; the central part of the wheel is stable, strong, illuminated and in motion, allowing the spokes, The Team, to radiate away with integrity, surety, support and a breeze under their wings, as we continue to come together and work as one to attain our goal; building to provide space for someone to live, and in constructing that, gifting time and space to a handful of young people who need and want in various ways to get out of what they’ve been doing, and into ‘doing’ something bigger than themselves, for someone else, with other people, to remember themselves in motion.

My reflection this week is that there is so much focus in remembrance. When we remember life, we see more life. When we remember what greatness we have achieved, we will see more of this greatness in the world around us. In this abundant world it is too easy to forget the goodness, the hurdles jumped, the goals attained, the gifts gifted and received.  So remember, that you are great, and have greatness at your fingertips. Life is golden and right now; GET INVOLVED!!!