Kickstart Tutor & Programme Lead

The Government’s new ‘Kickstart Scheme’ (set up in response to Covid-19) gives businesses 100% funding to provide paid job placements to young people. But, businesses need to offer 30+ placements to apply! So we’ve partnered with local organisations in the green / sustainable / community sector to access the scheme together. Between us, we’ve created placements across food production, retail, manufacturing, services, green building and sharing/repairing in & around Frome. Young people can apply via the Job Centre only and will also receive a training programme run by Edventure. More details here.

Kickstart Tutor & Programme Lead – Job Opportunity at Edventure

The purpose of this job is to lead the training & employability programme and support our partners. It also provides the opportunity to further develop our programmes beyond the Kickstart scheme, with a focus on the green and community sector.

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Apply by 9am Mon 7 Dec 2020.

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