Enterprising Women

A new Edventure course, for women who want to bring their ideas to life.

Enterprising Women in a Nutshell

Work on your own idea, project or venture as part of a group of women who want to make things happen. 

You might know exactly what you want to do or just have an inkling or a dream. 

Either way, an Edventure facilitator and the group will support you in getting hands-on, applying the Edventure start-up process to test and develop your ideas, find supporters, and get real feedback before making your idea real. 

You might run your first pop up event or market day, develop a logo and brand, work on a business plan or write your first fundraising application – you decide what you work on.  We’ll be joined by inspiring guests such as local female founders, and those with finance know-how, and experience of marketing to ensure you get the support you need.

Enterprising Women – September/ October 2024

Next course likely to run September/ October 2024-
Fridays, 9.15 to 2.45pm with 3ish hours a week in your own time

Work on your own idea, project or venture as part of a group of women who want to make things happen.

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What you can get out of Enterprising Women

You can get lots of different things from Enterprising Women, with the learn-by-doing approach – including:

Skills and qualities

There are lots of skills and qualities you can get from our Enterprising Women’s course. You can use them to work on your own ideas or transfer them to different jobs. Here are just a few:

Learn entrepreneurial and practical project skills such as how to:

  • follow a design process for developing and launching ideas
  • plan and manage a project
  • plan cash flow and write a business plan
  • fundraise
  • plan and run a successful event
  • brand and market a new product or service

Learn interpersonal and group working skills such as how to:

  • facilitate groups to work well together
  • to work as a team player and resolve conflict
  • to work inclusively, welcoming in diversity
  • to present yourself confidently in groups

Develop a resilient and proactive mindset, including:

  • expecting and embracing mistakes
  • working reflectively
  • prioritising action and avoiding procrastination

Case study

Lily – Start-Up course alumni

“Many of the skills I learnt during my time with Edventure had a direct impact on my ability to confidently move forward into setting up my own project.”

Lily joined our team to tackle food waste in Frome that led to us setting up the first UK Community Fridge. She went on to set up The Pitney Farm cafe to help people reconnect with where their food comes from, selling local, organic veg and running community events.

Read more stories here

Confidence and a renewed sense of possibility

Boost your confidence and feel inspired about what you can achieve.

Connection to a supportive community

Feel the joy of a supportive community who want you to succeed and who are there to support you both personally and professionally.


Gain valuable experience to help you start your career, switch careers or try new roles in a safe environment.

New direction and energy

Discover what’s right for you and feel energised to move forward on your chosen path.

Case study

Camilla – Start-Up course alumni

“I joined Edventure because I wanted an education that really helps me find what I love to do and that teaches me about life. Edventure gave me a blank canvas to experiment on. The freedom and every growing opportunity that have come my way since being involved with Edventure has in turn challenged me to learn to recognise what is truly right for me.”

After Edventure, Camilla set up a traditional sign writing business, and went on to become a director at the Flameworks, a community arts center in Plymouth.

Want to work on a group idea? Consider the Start-Up course

The Start-Up course follows a very similar methodology to Enterprising Women, but you work on a group idea and then are able to apply the process to your own ideas in the fullness of time. Each project is different – but the process of bringing ideas to life is the same


How do I enrol, express my interest or ask questions?

Enterprising Women is currently not open for enrollment – fill out this short form to be the first to know when we release new course dates – likely around September/October 2024.

Who is Enterprising Women for?

Everyone! We are looking to make teams of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who are motivated and are up for a challenge. Sign-up for a course because you want to learn from it, learn from each other and make the world a better place to be.

Previous participants have been a wide range of ages, from 19 to 59. Some left school at 16 and others have been to university. Some have just started work and others have had long careers already. Some have been or are craftspeople or artists and others have worked in the public or private sectors. Our courses are designed to be inclusive and welcoming environments and meeting people you might not normally meet is part of the fun and the learning experience.

What if I don’t live in Frome or Somerset?

You’re very welcome to enrol, though you’ll need to arrange temporary accommodation in Frome or nearby. We’ve hosted students from many different places, even as far away as California. While Edventure can assist in finding accommodation (often at a reduced rate), you’re responsible for arranging it. Please feel free to speak to us about this.

Participating in one of our courses offers a chance to immerse yourself in the course and Frome. There are many exciting and innovative community initiatives to discover – as well as past Start-up projects there is Green and Healthy Frome – an innovative partnership focused on community-led health and climate solutions – Sustainable Frome, The Independent Market, Independents for Frome who run our council, and many many more. Frome is renowned for the strength of its community action and will undoubtedly inspire you as to what’s possible in your life and future and where you live. Take a look at what’s on.

Are there any costs?

If you’re a Somerset resident (excluding BANES) then you don’t need to pay to participate in our courses. When you enroll you receive a bursary from Somerset Skills and Learning which covers the cost of your place. This is paid directly to Edventure.  

We also like to know that you are committed to the course and so ask each Somerset participant to make a pledge of support: this could be offering to bring a cake to the first day of the course, making a donation to Edventure or volunteering some of your time to support our work.

If you live outside of Somerset, or in BANES, Start-up costs £850. If this cost represents a barrier to you participating, please email hello@edventurefrome.org and we can look at making appropriate adjustments to help you participate.

What is the project or idea I’ll be working on?

On our Enterprising Women’s Start-up course, you work on your own idea or project – and come together to learn the methodology to make them happen.

Who facilitates the courses?

The Frome Start-up facilitator is Colin Atkinson. He has a background in adult learning and facilitation and lots of experience running projects and making ideas real. 

Dates & times

Our courses currently run for approximately 16 weeks 9.15 – 2.45 pm on a Thursday – please check the individual course. Individuals and groups decide how much they do outside of the course, though most groups plan some evening or weekend events. For dates please check the upcoming courses listed above.

Do I need to attend every week?

You should aim to attend every week, but we understand that sometimes you may not be able to.

Where is the course run from?

The course runs from the Edventure Hub, Park Hill Drive, Frome BA11 2LE. The Edventure Hub was one of our first Start-up projects. It’s a community co-working space full of activity, maker spaces, plants and much more. Feel free to drop in during a weekday and take a look – we’ll happily show you around. Unfortunately, access to the Hub is by a flight of stairs.

Can I try Edventure first?

Absolutely, you can drop in anytime for a tour of the Edventure Hub, which was one of our first Start-up projects. It’s a community co-working space full of activity, maker spaces, plants and much more. The address is Edventure Hub, Park Hill Drive, Frome BA11 2LE.

You can also drop into our Thursday evening Make:Shed sessions which are a fun way to learn about Edventure and meet some of the team while getting involved in something practical and hands-on.