Impact on place

We build a more resilient, thriving & sustainable community one venture at a time, working with our student teams and local partners.

A sharing town

We ask how we can share resources, skills, ideas and spaces to build a greener, connected, and resilient town?

A circular town

We ask how we can build a more sustainable economy one repairing, reusing and upcycling venture at a time?

A green & healthy town

We ask how we can create a climate and health win-win and enable people to live both green & healthy lives?

A sharing town

Share Shop

Our 5th start-up team set up Share - a library of things, working in partnership with Frome Town Council and the Cheese & Grain. Edventure ran the shop until 2022 when it became its own charity Share Frome.

The Welsh Mill Hub – now known as the Edventure Hub

Our community workspace and venue was set up in 2013 with the help of our 2nd student team. The Hub offers facilities for community groups, shared office space and is the home of Edventure.

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Legends of Frome

In 2016, our 6th student team took on the unique challenge to create an immersive theatre performance about Frome’s diverse community, and help people share the stories that make our down across divides.


Edspace was a clip-together tiny home designed & build by our 6th student team in 2016, to enable shared living arrangements for young people, in response to the housing crisis. Edspace is built by Chisel & Grain, a Frome based building company.

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Bold & Brave Voices

In 2022, our 1st student team in Taunton worked with Young Somerset to amplify their Bold & Brave community space and shop. The students set up an online youth club, Voices of Taunton (a video project documenting people in Taunton) and developed a new website and e-commerce platform.

Wardrobe Collective

The Wardrobe Collective is peer to peer clothes sharing service for the people of Frome that aims to offer a sustainable alternative to high street retailers. It was set up by our 11th start-up student team in 2018 and run regularly pre pandemic.

A circular town

Community Fridge

Edventure set up the first UK community fridge, working in partnership with Frome Town Council in 2014. The project came out of our 4th student start-up team tackling food waste in Frome, and won an international award.
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Frome Remakery

The Frome Remakery, a community workshop and repair space was set up by Edventure’s 5th student team and won ITV’s People Project in 2019. The Frome Men’s & Women Shed launched in the space before outgrowing it and moving into their own venue. It offers a range of tools, including digital equipment - a 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC machine for community use.

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Indigo Jeans Repair

Indigo aims to bring clothes repair back to the high Street, and was set up by our 18th student team in 2022. Starting with jeans they offer a drop-off and collection from two sites in Frome. This enterprise is still being nurtured by Edventure, but business is growing and Indigo receives a steady stream of jeans for repair.

Loop Frome

Loop:Frome’s mission to build a regenerative community. It was launched by our 16th student team in 2021 on behalf of Peter Macfadyen. With a vision to ‘rescue the town nutrients’, Loop is starting with food waste which it is turning into nutrient rich compost.

Make shed

Our 12th start-up student team set up Make Shed as a weekly meet-up for young adults who want to get together to make, repair, upcycle and be creative together. Make Shed aims to improve people’s wellbeing and explore selling what they make.

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Repair events

Our Share team ran repair cafe’s for 3 years pre pandemic, and the 5th student team ran a repair festival in 2017 to launch the Remakery.

A Green & Healthy Town

A green & healthy Future for Frome Partnership

Edventure is coordinating a partnership with Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town Council with the aim to enable people to live greener, healthier lives through community-led initiatives. Toolkits and films are available on the website.

Project Grow

Project Grow is a community growing project for young people in Frome and surrounding villages, to help improve their life chances, engage with training and improve their well-being. Our 17th start-up student team helped Shared Earth Learning Co-op to set it up.

The Walled Garden Nursery

Our 13th student team in 2019 helped launch a Community Plant Nursery on behalf of the Walled Garden in Mells. It is a social enterprise that focuses on horticultural therapy as a means of increasing wellbeing.


Ding was a project that brought professional and basic bicycle repairs and workshops to Frome, supporting cycling through hands-on learning. It was a Community Interest Company set up by our 15th student team in 2020.

Roundhouse Garden

In 2014, our 3rd student team designed and built the Roundhouse Forest Garden, a public outdoor community space used by the public and organised groups.

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Future Shed

Future Shed is an Edventure project that helps people set up ventures to create a greener, healthier town. It helps build networks, connect people and ideas, signpost to support and offers start up coaching.

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