Preparing for Legends of Frome

The Edventure team working on their amazing show for Frome Festival – it’s immersive theatre and it will be awesome!  Thanks to Crysse Morrison for the photography.   ‘The need of this project was very much about the divided nature of our community;  both in terms of generations but also income level and backgrounds.  Ben Macfadyen’s vision was for young adults to come together and create an opportunity to explore the question of what it is to live a creative life.  To pursue a career in the arts, to engage with these bigger questions around creativity today, whilst working with this amazingly vibrant community: in many different ways, bringing in their stories and their ideas and their visions to create something to share with the community.  To celebrate what it means to live here and honour the amazing diversity of stories that make up the fabric of this town’ 

‘This form of immersive theatre invites audience members to be participants to journey through the world that we are creating: from the moment that they queue up they are met, not by stewards but by characters. And they journey deeper and deeper into this imaginary world, which is inspired by the real stories of the place.  

Milo Cradick enjoys co-creating the immersive process
Emily Sly says project gives the opportunity to think of the people who have inspired you.
Annie Aldman’s role in the project is community engagement

In the first four weeks we brought in a lot of contributors working in the arts to bring in their expertise. And then after the first few weeks we hand over to the group to the make the project happen. Its very interesting dynamic when we hand over as facilitators to the group to take leadership, which is essentially what we are trying to do at Edventure – the idea that we make up our reality and together we can make anything happen, we can make ideas happen.

Director Ben Macfayden – a journey through the legends of Frome
Liam Parker