This week was about getting down to business in each person’s different teams and roles.

For Julia and Rory that meant spending time in the ‘Remakery’ under the astute guidance of architect and friend of Edventure, Graham. They enjoyed coming up with clear ideas for the look of the interior of the Edspace, and began to start building furniture and accessories using offcuts from the original build of the Edspace.

Adam has been busy on the social media side of things, posting related articles and updates of our ongoing work via facebook and Instagram.

Niki has been hard at work designing a sales doc for the Edspace. This has been in conjunction with Tom and Johannes who have provided content and given feedback on the design. Tom has also begun creating a database of potential customers with their contact information.

Hettie has deepened her discussions with the YMCA. They have expressed interest in collaborating in our scheme to offer young people the opportunity to work alongside and be trained by Stu from ‘Chisel and Grain’ in the build of an Edspace.

An ‘Edspace creation’ in the works…

Warm, homemade soup is the perfect lunch to keep us going..

Writing and photos by Edventure student Tom.