Update… Spring @ Edventure

Update… Spring @ Edventure

The last few weeks have certainly brought the energy of spring to Edventure. Last month’s theme has been “discernment”. In other words, we decided on which personal projects and group assignments to pursue in the last few months of Edventure. The last few weeks have been about taking this into action.

As a group, we are hosting “Mess about Wednesdays”, a weekly Make Space in the Round Tower for young adults to bring and work on their creative projects. This week we are launching the Frome Artisan & Flea Market Challenge that sets teams of 4-6 players the task of creating an ethical and sustainable product within 2 weeks. We are applying for funding to start a “portable, wood-fired Pizza Oven” to promote local food and provide employment and training opportunities for young adults. And we are plotting our last assignment in June ~ a venue and activity at Sunrise Festival.

Our activities have been supported again by coaching, mentoring and workshops by people from Frome, including from Dan Hurring and Helen Johnstone on project management, and Emma Harris on Public Speaking. We also have launched a new advisory board with people from Frome who want to support Edventure Frome to develop our offering for next year.

Thank you for following our story.