Week 10: Edventure Frome’s first organisational learning cycle

The week beginning November 26th began with a session with Jo Berry, probably one of the most inspiring english figures working in Conflict Transformation. Jo lives in Frome and shared her story and experience, and helped us explore how we as an organisation and group of students can deal with and prevent conflict. Early next year we will have a follow up workshop with her.

While everybody was working on their individual projects and enterprises, Temujen and Johannes worked with Neil Oliver to prepare our first organisational reflection and revisioning day. We invited all stakeholders of the organisation to look at what we have done well, what we messed up, and what changes we have to implement now to respond to our learnings of the last two month. Neil, a very experienced facilitator based in Frome, did an amazing job at creating a space where feedback could be openly discussed. It provided us with the right information to redesign what we do. The changes will become obvious in the coming month…

And of course, a feast and celebration followed… Thank you to the Old Bath Arms for providing the space and food on such generous terms!