Week 3 Diary


Back at Edventure for Week 3 … time flies!  Host for the week is marvellous Mona who started the day off by prompting a confession from each of us of our most memorable musical theatre moments. Previous Edventurer Ben Horne came and gave us a thought provoking talk about his experience at the Jungle in Calais.  This was followed by (careful) roleplaying of the various risks that could occur in the workshop:  Shoes on, hair up, saws the right way round please!



Host Mona serenaded us on the ukulele, at the check-in today, performing a fantastic song about climate change.  We carried on with the design of the semi-independent living structure and made a 1:1 detail of the roof. The site team carried on clearing the never-ending ivy!!!  Most of us stayed behind in the evening to watch a film called ‘Tiny’(Click link here), a documentary about tiny homes — very inspiring.


Morning check-in again, counting to twenty proving to be very difficult. Catch-up with everyone on how the tasks for the week are progressing. Site clearance was finished today (for now anyway). The project planners are testing their numeracy skills. Materials have arrived for soundproofing the workshop. In-jokes are starting… “hoops or arches?”



After a slightly late start, we began the day with a business development session with Johannes, where we try to pin down our key questions and assumptions. After lunch Neil and Amelia took us for a metaphorical swim. The afternoon was spent soundproofing the workshop, working out templates and planning the roles for next week.
The pace is picking up and with another week finished we’re all poised at the side of the pool ready to jump into week 4.

(Written by a hardworking member of the student team)