Week 6: All roads lead to Rome and Frome

We had another week of buzzing activity in Frome, although most of us spend quite a few hours in front of the fire, drinking tea, recovering from colds.

A highlight this week was working with Vallis Veg, a local organic market garden. In exchange for our work we received plenty of squash and other vegetables to cater and promote local food at the Frome Independence Day Conference. Read Camilla’s post about the day and assignment here. Another inspiration of this week was Harry’s, Ben’s and Mick’s visit to the Somerset Wood Recycling Project. Watch this space, Frome will have its very own Wood Recycling Business soon. Read their blog post here.

Meanwhile in Rome, Italy, Johannes worked with a group of european partner organisations to form the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL). Edventure Frome may seem like a small project in a small market town. It is also a leading prototype of new educational concepts and part of an international movement of organisations that rethink education and collaborate to develop best practice together.

Best of all, our week had a brilliant ending. Annabelle Macfadyen facilitated a theatre improvisation session for us. The intention was to kick us off into developing a cabaret piece to be performed in a few weeks time by all of us.