Week 3: Growing

Documenting this week 3.


Stretching ourselves and waking up to the start of the week with a fresh aired walk to town and back suggested by Lizzie. Perfect wake up to start getting our ideas together for presenting.

Presentation time was one of our first chance of grouping and presenting to others. We all struggled in certain areas but at the same time presented pretty well to Amelia, Johannes, Lizzie and Liz. Being aware of how quick we had to get all the information together and no chance to create an organised loop of who was talking about what and when. So considering all of this I think we completed the task pretty well!


Moving Insights to generating ideas for the project- working closely with group to work out which areas of our market research is most appropriate for the forming some ideas. Had Johannes for the day to guide us through this understanding. Was nice to have a different perspective on the project.

Meeting Peter Macfadyen in town for coffee and to discuss how Frome generates/works as an independent town. And how we can successfully set a swap shop in Frome, and also where and when it would work best.


Questionnaire time: understanding what asking the public would help us in building insightful information. Being out in the public and asking what the locals of Frome would appreciate as a new service to Frome.

Laura and I went up to Victoria park/Steiner school to ask the mums to see if this service would help there clothes shopping with small kids (a certain target market we have started to look into).

Amelia’s birthday- Leah making protein balls with Rosa making a card full of dried flowers and Laura making a Fantastically different sweet tasting soup. A nice moment between the group to not be thinking about project time.


Was bad on my behalf, woke up late and really felt I needed to rest my body for once 3 weeks down the line (which seems pretty good, considering I was taking at least 2/3 mornings off every week last year) before we had lunch we went through highlighting the good and bad points of our presentation and how we could change it for next weeks presentation of ideas.

Amelia took us outside for a game where we were all really open and honest…and now we are working on our accreditation together.

All in all a fantastic week of idea generating and learning new things with a great selection of people all bringing different tools to the table!

Ruby King.