Whirlwind week 4

The funnest part of the project is coming up with the name. Here is the shortlist so far!

Week four flew by like a flash of lightening in a tropical storm.  Starting in one month and finishing in another, the feeling of passing time really embedded itself in my mind, and in the working of the team. The week commenced on Tuesday morning at 10am instead of Monday, as it was a Bank Holiday and a handful of us Edventurers, took to the muddy path along the river and boogied on down at Mell’s Daffodil Day. The sun shone, a rainbow showed it’s cheeky face, we ate, drank, laughed and had a beauty of a country day out.
The week after this one is going to be full on building our tiny home, so week four has felt fast paced and full of buzz as everyone ties together flailing ribbons and bolts down final decisions, designs and templates.
Tuesday morning saw us in a workshop run by Neil on ‘Giving Feedback’, looking at our qualities and pitfalls, challenges and allergy’s, recognising our qualities and how to preserve them. How to compliment and critique members of a functional team in a way that is useful, constructive and ultimately helpful in the arena of positive change for the person involved. A wonderful insight into the self, and to see everyone else doing the same; there is a real softening in acceptance. Week 4 has been about us soundproofing the workshop so that next week we can bang and bash as much as we need to without disturbing other workers at The Hub. We’ve been ordering, pricing, project planning making full size templates and designing.  For me personally the week has culminated in a really honest and eye opening renewal of motivations and wishes. Reflecting on Education, Construction, Sequencing, Models and Classes. Really feeling like a big, wonderful family of brilliantly minded folk. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by new friends and people who are here to help, in so many ways.

Thank you Edventure.

(G’s words)