You’re invited to a conversation about future-proofing Frome’s food

On September 17, together with Frome Town Council’s Resilience Manager, Nikki Brain and independent food researcher Hugh Thomas, Future Shed Frome will be hosting a conversation about “Future-proofing Frome’s local food network”. 

Local food producers, retailers, restauranteurs, hospitality businesses and passionate local citizens are invited to come along. We will explore the findings of recent research commissioned by Frome Town Council into the challenges and opportunities of supplying our town with more local food – which has involved more than 20 local producers so far. 

Participants will be invited to discuss how we can grow more of our own food, shorten supply chains, ensure our food comes from sustainable sources and create a local food economy that helps our community to thrive. We’ll also be supporting groups to kick-off community-led responses to the gaps in our local food supply.

Nikki Brain, Frome Town Council’s Resilience Manager says “This workshop is one way our town is making plans for a greener, healthier, sustainable and more resilient future. The science is clear from recent reports by the IPCC and UN: our current food system is both at high risk from – and contributing to – climate change. Food-system emissions account for one third of all the greenhouse gasses produced by humankind. It is time for us to make positive plans for localising our food supplies, minimising our food miles and enabling current and future Frome residents to enjoy delicious, nutritious local food.” 

Hannah Burd, from Frome Future Shed said “we are looking forward to sharing innovative ideas that we know are already bubbling away within our local community of growers, eaters and everyone in between – which together includes every one of us in Frome. This will be an event where ideas can be supported to come to life via new connections and collaborations.

Join the conversation, 10:30-12:45, 17 September at Frome Town Hall. Sign up via 

Keep an eye out for monthly Future Shed workshops and Friday meet-ups that will start later in September at the Welsh Mill Hub. We’re creating a space where people can share ideas, get coaching and support to move them along, make new connections and learn new skills, so that everyone’s equipped for a greener, healthier future. Reach out to Hannah for a virtual chat in the meantime –

The Future Shed is part of the Green & Healthy Future for Frome Programme, which is a partnership between Edventure: Frome, Frome Medical Practice, Frome Town Council and our local community. The programme is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. Forthcoming research into Frome’s local food network is funded by Be The Earth Foundation.