About us

Edventure Frome CIC is a community business that supports community entrepreneurship in Somerset (UK) - Frome & Taunton.

Why we exist

Edventure is energised by the vision of a society where all of its citizens have opportunity and agency; where people have meaningful livelihoods that enable them to make a positive contribution to their communities; where local people and organisations come together to tackle the issues that matter to them and build a positive future for people, place and planet.

Our approach

Our passion for supporting community entrepreneurship through educational programmes, events, and partnership projects comes from its transformative impact on people and the places they live in. It creates a win-win:

  • It provides a route to flourish and build livelihoods, skills and confidence, especially for those not engaged in mainstream education, work or looking for a career change.
  • It creates practical solutions to both global challenges & local issues on the grassroutes level, helping to build community resilience and the society we envision one venture at a time.


Edventure is run by people in our local community. We have a permanent staff team, a voluntary board of directors who guide the development of the organisation, and a team of volunteers who contribute to our various projects. We also work with a large number of freelancers, partners and informal supporters who are essential to our work.

Meet the people who run Edventure


Edventure Frome CIC was set up in 2012 by Johannes Moeller & Temujen Gunawardena, together with a founding team of young adults. From 2013 it was governed by a board of voluntary, non-executive directors from the local community and a Managing Director, Johannes Moeller, until 2022, when Doug Steward became Edventure’s CEO.

Read the origin story in the book Hosting Transformation (2013): https://issuu.com/knowmads/docs/hosting_transformation/82