Start-up course

Join this practical 11 week course in community entrepreneurship and learn how to turn ideas into reality, gain lots of transferable skills, meet friends, grow confidence, and boost a local community enterprise. Open to young adults 18-35 who learn best by doing and are up for a challenge.


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A typical Start – Up challenge

Watch this short documentary of ventures that our student teams helped launch and the difference they made to the local community.

What students say about Edventure

This is what the 9th student team said having just completed a challenge to develop a small space living company in response to the housing crisis.

Upcoming courses

TAUNTON 26 SEP – 8 DEC 2022

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The challenge for your team will be to support people and our planet by creating a working circular economy project for used tech equipment. Your team will build pathways for people to donate broken/unwanted IT equipment to be restored and distributed to people who need it, thereby reducing waste by diverting products that were heading for landfill and giving those items a new lease of life. To have maximum impact, your team will also be challenged to create a programme to give people the skills to fix, repair and rebuild tech safely and effectively. You will also develop a community around this project through communications, marketing and events. You will be doing this work for two local not-for-profit clients – Donate IT & Tech Lab at Bold & Brave

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FROME 16 JAN – 30 MAR 2023

Applications open

Two questions stimulated this challenge; How do we grow a Circular Economy? What does Frome need during the current economic crisis? In response to these questions, the idea of a new type of Community Market emerged. Typically, Community Markets are simply a space for local vegetable producers and artisan makers to sell their products. Can we dream bigger than that? What would a market look like if it’s driving goal was community resilience rather than profit? What if there was a forum for a range of local charities and initiatives to gather with the community, coming together to share, mend, swap, donate, and support each other? There are many local projects that operate to this principle, but there is no space where they all gather. Can we create that space?

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The Edventure Start-Up course in community entrepreneurship is made up of 5 modules and a practical start-up challenge. Download this Course Overview for more information on how it works, what teaching is on offer, and to view a sample timetable.

Transferable skills

Here are the skills & tools that you can apply to starting your own venture or transfer to other careers.

  • Collaboration tools

  • Community engagement

  • Ideas development

  • Business planning

  • Project management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Social impact

  • Personal development

  • Facilitation skills

  • Reflective learning

  • Event management

Case study

“The Edventure Start-Up Course has changed my life. I’ve come away with new skills, a job, regained confidence, a network of support & friends, purpose in my life and most of all I now have fresh hope. The team supported me to achieve my goals and for the first time in years, I can dream big again. I have found my place in the community, made connections and been supported to turn my skills and dreams into a livelihood that matters to me.”


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Who can apply?

Anyone aged between 18-35 can apply. You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience. We are looking for a team of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who are motivated and are up for a challenge. Apply for the course because you want to learn from it, learn from each other and make your community a better place to be.

Are there any costs?

There is no fixed course cost, but it isn’t free either. We want our course to be as accessible as possible but we also want to know that you are committed. Once you have received a conditional offer after the interview, your challenge will be to help raise funds and resources for the start-up you will be working on as a team of students. You can set your own target as to how much you think you are able to raise (dependent on circumstances, your support network etc). You will need to prepare a fundraising plan, which we will discuss at your interview.

What will be the project or challenge I’ll be working on?

There is a different start-up challenge for each Edventure course. Challenges always involve starting up or developing a community enterprise. Our aim is to grow the community and social enterprise sectors in Frome and Taunton and tackle local problems. Details of the upcoming challenges are shown above.

How to apply

The aim of the application process is for you to see if Edventure is right for you and enable us to select a good team.  We recruit on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get a place. This is how it works:

  1. Apply online: click here.
  2. Attend an informal interview: On Zoom or in person or in Frome or Taunton
  3. Receive a conditional offer: We will contact you within 2 weeks. If successful, you will be given an offer of a place, conditional on you taking part in the fundraising challenge and demonstrating that you have done your best to meet your target.
  4. Confirm offer and start fundraising: Email us to accept your offer of a place. Complete your fundraising challenge before the course start date.

Dates & times

Our courses run for approximately 11 weeks from Mondays -Thursdays from 9.15 -2.45 pm. In addition, students need to be available for an additional 4 hours of work/study time a week and to attend the occasional evening or weekend event. For dates please check the upcoming courses section above.

Are you interested?

Fill in this short form to arrange an informal conversation / interview to find out more and explore whether the course is right for you.

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