Project support

Fully funded one-to-one support for community groups, charities, social enterprises and community businesses based in the Mendips looking to start-up, grow or sustain themselves.

We can help with

  • Identifying suitable funding opportunities, support with developing a funding pitch and feedback on applications
  • Start-up coaching and making a plan on how you can realise your idea.
  • Support in creating a research plan and connecting to other people with similar projects.
  • Creating a strong business case and help with financial planning
  • Support with making connections locally and networking.
  • Developing a Theory of Change and measuring your impact.
  • Setting up organisational systems
  • Guidance on facilitating community meetings, teams and conflicts.
  • Signposting to other support or mentoring.

Please express your interest for support by emailing us an outline of your idea/project/enterprise, how you see it benefit Frome & Mendip, and what support you are looking for.


Our coaches include Ruth Knagg, Doug Stewart and Colin Atkinson and the support is funded by Somerset County Council. The number of people we can work with is limited and we cannot guarantee that we will have the capacity to support you.


Claire Vowell – Nurdle Nerd

I contacted Edventure for guidance, when I had a headful of ideas for an environmental enterprise, but I had no idea where to start. I had lots of pieces to a jigsaw, a partly formed website, a confused social media account, books, jewellery a stall and I spent a lot of time working for free. I had no idea whether what I was doing made sense to anybody else but me and I had no clear idea how to best spend my precious time. Doug sat me down, talked me through my ideas and really helped me focus and target on my next steps. He gave me really clear tips, strategies and advice and was so positive, he made me really believe that I could make a difference with what I was doing. Having a monthly meeting meant that I was motivated to achieve my targets, to find out what my next steps were. Doug was a sounding post, advocate and critical friend, as well as a fabulous, focussed morale booster. Edventure is a hub of like minded creatives looking forward to creating a better way of working and living and I love being there!
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