The Edventure Show

The Edventure Show broadcasts on Frome FM 96.6, and is learning by doing in action. We're keen to showcase local change-making in action and delve into how you can get involved with exciting hands-on projects. We promise a mix of music, chatter, and fun.

Episode 9: With Millie Rowland

We’re joined by Milly Rowland, to discuss Milly’s project around public art insulations in Frome, and the Milly’s experience of Edventure’s Enterprising Women’s course.

Episode 8: Our Beautiful Laundrette – interview with Chloe

Edventure has been incubating a project to bring a multifunctional community space and laundrette to Frome. The team has been working for 22-weeks to make this happen. We interview a member of our incubation course, Chloe Wallis, to learn more about the progress of the project, the course, and what’s coming up next for the team

Listen here

Episode 7: Interview with Doug Stewart

Doug is a change-catalyst with experience in making real impact and bringing people together.

We discuss:
– Social entrepreneurship and making a change in the world today
– Frome’s potential to lead in the circular economy
– Moving from consumer to citizenship, and how to build community
– How people and communities can come together to make a lasting impact
– Doug’s philosophy on solving the most pressing issues
– Doug’s varied and diverse career journey
– Leading Edventure, and aspirations for the future

Episode 6, with Terri from the Community Fridge

  • The Community Fridge is saved! After a successful campaign, we invited Terri, Frome’s Community Fridge Coordinator, to join us on the Edventure Show. We talk about the campaign, what’s next, and our hopes and dreams for the project.
  • Hear an update about our start-up team’s project to create a multifunctional community Hub for Frome
  • Discover our free and low-cost courses from Make:Shed and our Short Course series

Episode 5: The Edventure Show

  • Tune in for some music, news about the community fridge, talk about men’s wellbeing, online community spaces, our Frome courses, and more.

Episode 4 of the Edventure Show

  • Get the latest about Frome’s upcoming multifunctional community hub and laundrette. We’re joined by Emma Durdy, a member of our start-up course to discuss their progress, and what the team has discovered so far
  • Also get involved in our new short courses in Frome, creative Make:Shed workshops, and more.

Episode 3 of the Edventure Show

  • We’re joined by Fedra from the Enterprising Women course, to discuss her journey in setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC) and the benefits of the Enterprising Women’s course both in terms of personal growth and professional development
  • Discover our new offers for Frome: Men’s wellbeing workshops, Free Advice for Social Enterprises, Our Burnout to Brilliance course and more
  • Enjoy music chosen by James, Doug, Jake and Fedra

Listen to episode two of the Edventure show

Through FromeFM’s Mixcloud service

Listen to episode 2 here to hear about:
– Green and Healthy Frome from project manager Becky Lovegrove.
– Frome’s new start-up project, to create a multifunctional community hub
– A Doughnut for Frome: A new group looking at Doughnut Economics to think about how Frome can be a thriving town in a thriving world
– A variety of music tracks chosen by all of us

Listen to our Pilot Episode of the Edventure Show

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