What it is

Spend 3 weeks in a team learning to design, make and sell products made from raw materials such as metal, wood, fabric, silver and leather. 

How it works

Students work with a local maker to create things to sell at the Frome Independent Market.

Who its for

Young adults aged 18-35 including those who are out of work, looking for a new direction and who want to gain confidence. 

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Course Structure

During the first week you’ll get to know the Edventure team, the craft tutor and the group you’ll be working with. You will get to think about what you want to get out of the course and will meet some of Frome’s makers to get inspired. You will also start to design things with the group ready to begin making things in week two. 

By week 2 you’ll be straight into testing your ideas, planning and make, make, making. You’ll also learn about how to create a brand and how to make a project plan.

It’s a race to the finish in week 3, making the final products, getting ready for the market stall and promoting the sale. This week your group will decide on what the stall will look like and what the prices will be for the things you have all made. 

The things that are made will be sold at the Frome Independent Market and all the students will do a shift on the stall lasting a few hours each. The Monday after the Market we get together for one last day at the Hub to look back over the time we have spent together, to plan for the future and to celebrate with a lunchtime feast.

Students leave the course with very different ideas of what they’d like to do next. We offer MAKE students a selection of opportunities after the course finishes. What we can offer includes mentoring, coaching, workspace, workshops and group meet-ups and in exchange we ask for you to do some volunteering for Edventure.

Core Sessions

Tools and sessions we will run to enable you to complete the team challenge.
Making Skills

Learning to make things out of raw materials like metal, wood and clay alongside local craftspeople and makers

Product Design

Working in a team to design, develop, make and sell products at the Frome Independent Market


Developing a brand that fits in with the style of the Independent Market

Personal Skills

Developing confidence, presentation skills and self esteem

What students said

I’ve been able to apply skills I already had to the group challenge which has made me more aware of what I have to offer. I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in and making stuff with my hands in such a supportive and fun environment.

Joe Dowdell

We are stepping out of our comfort zones; exploring new territory, taking responsibility and developing our strengths as individuals and a group.

Chloe Wykes

I liked the structure and facilitation of the course and the group challenge we were set. This course has taught me a lot about ways to successfully meet future work projects.

Alex Hermon

The practicalities

Anyone between 19-35 can apply. You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience. We are looking for a team of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who are motivated and are up for a challenge.

The initial 3 week MAKE course is FREE (funded by the People’s Project).

The theme of the MAKE course changes every time. For the most part, these courses will involve working with raw materials such as clay, wood, metal and fabric.  With each course you will work with a local maker and expert in their field, and have a chance to get stuck into the making and experimenting process, before coming up with products to sell at the Frome Independent Market.

Follow these simply steps:

  1. Register your interest – click here
  2. We’ll invite you for an informal interview – also an opportunity for you to find out more about the course.
  3. We’ll confirm if you have a place or not within a week

Our courses run for 3 weeks on Monday-Thursday from 9.30am-2.30pm. You will also need to be available on the first Sunday of the month at the end of the course to sell your products at the Frome Independent Market. Autumn course: November 12th – December 3rd 2018 Spring course: March 18th – April 8th 2019

Upcoming MAKE course

Students on November’s MAKE course (Mon 12th Nov to Monday 3rd Dec) will spend three weeks in a team designing and making products by hand from unseasoned or ‘green’ wood. You’ll work with an expert local woodworker to learn techniques and get stuck into the making and experimenting process before coming up with products for your team to sell at the Christmas Frome Independent Market. You get to choose what to do with the profits.

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Course Facilitators

Nicola Tanner Course Facilitator & Co-ordinator at Edventure Frome

Nicola Tanner coordinates and facilitates the Edventure: MAKE course and manages Edventure’s team of coaches. She is a “happiness at work coach” with over 15 yrs experience of career development, coaching and facilitation, helping people make smart education, career and business choices. She enjoys empowering people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to create their own recipes for success.

Harry Samuel is a full-time woodworker, passionate about working specifically with green wood. He trained with Barnaby Carder (Barn the Spoon), worked with The Green Wood Guild and completed a yearlong apprenticeship at Cherry Wood Project. He lives on a boat and has a workshop in Frome where he makes products to order, teaches workshops around the UK and continues to develop his craft.