March 17th and April 21st 2017

Free for people in Frome and Mendip who are involved with a local business, social enterprise or start-up, and want to network, have a day away from the (home) office, reflect, and gain relevant skills and advice to grow their initiative. The day is hosted by Edventure Frome – a school for community enterprise in partnership with Enterprise Mendip and Frome Chamber of Commerce.



Use the hot-desking facilities of the Welsh Mill Hub for free and meet people informally. Drop-in anytime.



We call it Ideas Jam (& Scones) – An informal skill-share and networking session to get advice and support with your ideas or challenges from other attendees and our staff – over home-made scones & tea.



A practical and in-depth training. March 17th with Neil Oliver on partnership & team building, and April 21st with Andrew Denham on crowdfunding. See details below.


March 17th

A practical training on getting people involved with your start-up or idea, building an effective team and partnerships.

According to Forbes, not having the right team is the 3rd most common reason why start-ups and enterprises fail. This practical training and surgery will be facilitated by Neil Oliver who has over 20 years experience working with teams and building effective partnerships. 


April 21st

Is crowdfunding a good option for launching your new idea, product or enterprise. A practical training and surgery.

Although crowdfunding has become extremely popular, approximately 75% percent of crowdfunding projects fail to reach their targets. Andrew Denham, local business owner and successful crowdfunder, will provide practical help and feedback on ideas for crowdfunding.

Andrew Denham raised over 40k in 6 days to launch the bicycle academy in Frome. Read more about his learnings and advice on his website.

Booking required

You are welcome to join for the whole day or just drop-in for either the the skill-share sessions (11-1pm), the practical training  (2-4.30) or use our co-working facilities anytime. For lunch, you can nip into town, bring your own, or order an Indian Tiffin (lunch box) from Lungi Babas by calling 07468421129.