What it is

A 10 week course and platform for turning ideas into reality and making a tangible difference.

How it works

Students learn by setting up a community enterprise that tackles a local need on behalf of a local not-for-profit.

Who its for

Young adults 18-35 who learn best by doing and are up for a challenge.


We gave our students an empty shop, £500, skills & tools, local support and the challenge to boost the sharing economy in Frome.

Course Structure

Welcome to Edventure! Week 1 is to about getting to know the course, the rest of the team and people from the local community. This week is about setting intentions for what you want to learn from the course and sharing what you can bring. You will learn tools for working well in a team and complete a first ‘Mini challenge’ together.  During this week your team will be given the course challenge brief.

Discovering This week is about discovering more about the course theme and about similar projects. You will be equipped with the skills to go out into the community to learn as much as you can about the challenge and will also get to meet key stakeholders and people who will support the project. 

Business ideas Week 3’s main focus is about generating ideas and refining them ready to get  feedback from stakeholders and experts in the community.

Plan & go Week 4 is about getting ready for action: You will gather resources, define team roles and create a project plan. Once you have the basic building blocks for working effectively together, it is time for the Edventure facilitation team to step back and for the group take the lead.

You are in the driving seat During weeks 5-9 you will be bringing the start-up to life. Having decided on a leadership structure and individual roles, you will start to implement the project plan. The Edventure team will be at hand to provide mentoring, run reflective learning sessions and to bring in local experts to run workshops on topics such as branding, marketing and other practical skills.

A Few Days Away It’s pretty amazing what a small team of people can pull off in a short time – There’ll be a celebration at the end to mark this achievement! We will go away on a 3 day residential trip to a beautiful location to reflect, relax, draw out learnings and do some future planning and designing.

From our experience, students leave the course with with very different ideas of what they’d like to do next. Edventure offers a range of opportunities to pick and choose from including ongoing coaching, mentoring, places on free short courses and the use of our Hub space to work on your own projects and ideas.   

What students took from Edventure

Confidence to turn ideas into reality82%
Practical skills to work in business82%
Felt more integrated in the local community73%
Access to helpful opportunities72%
Paid work opportunities45%
Help with creating a meaningful livelihood82%
Knew more about what mattered to them personally100%
Positive, supportive friendships 90%

What students said

Working on this project has been a huge eye-opener for me. I can’t think of anywhere else where I’d have the opportunity to create a sustainable business from scratch and get involved with every step of the process – from writing a business plan to actually building the shop interior.” “It has really changed how I think of work – now it actually seems possible that I could make a living at the same time as doing something good for society.

Maija Helena Powell

Edventure is like a sandbox of opportunities for me, for both personal and business skill development, that is transferable in every way.

Joe Hulbert

Not only have I learnt many of the skills I need to run a business through doing Edventure, I have also found a lot of self confidence and been immersed into the local community of Frome.

Kylie Connel

I joined Edventure to get support with my ideas and let them grow into reality.

Redd How

Edventure allows you to play and experiment with ideas, without the pressure of having to get it right. It has provided such a supportive environment to take risks, to be challenged and to grow. I am learning practical, tangible skills, but also learning how to function and work in healthier ways.

Katie Lyttle

The practicalities

Anyone between 18-35 can apply. You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience. We are looking for a team of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who are motivated and are up for a challenge. Apply for the course because you want to learn from it, learn from each other and make Frome a better place to be.

There is no fixed course cost. But it isn’t free either. We want our course to be as accessible as possible but we also want to know that you are committed. Once you have received a conditional offer after the interview, your challenge will be to help raise funds and resources for the start-up you will be working on as a team of students. You can set your own target as to how much you think you are able to raise (dependent on circumstances, your support network etc), and we will help you to make a plan at our application/fundraising workshop to support you to succeed.

There is a different start-up challenge for each Edventure course. Challenge always involves starting up or developing a community enterprise. Our aim is to grow the community and social enterprise sector in Frome to tackle local problems. Find details of our upcoming courses and what the next challenge will be below.

The aim of the application process is for you to see if Edventure is right for you and enable us to select the right team.   This is how it works

  1. Have a look at the upcoming Edventure START-UP courses below
  2. Complete our short application form – we will contact you to arrange an interview.
  3. Attend the taster day & fundraising workshop
  4. At the workshop, set your own plan of action to raise funds and resources towards the challenge
  5. Start the course.

For further details and timings please check the upcoming courses section below.

Our courses run for 10 weeks on Monday-Thursday from 9.30am-2.30pm. During week 10 we will go away on a 3 day residential. In addition, students need to be available for an additional 4 hours of work/study time a week to attend the occasional evening or weekend event. For dates please check the upcoming courses section below.

Edventure has partnered with UWE in Bristol to offer students the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised level 3 qualification as part of the Start – Up course. By documenting your work and progress, you can be awarded a level 3 ILM (International Leadership Management) qualification in Enterprise and entrepreneurship. This qualification is highly regarded by many employers and shows that you are able to put enterprise theory into practice.

Upcoming edventure courses