Impact on people

Here are short stories of people we worked with over the past few years


After Edventure, Camilla set up a traditional sign writing business, and went on to become a director at the Flameworks, a community arts center in Plymouth.

“I joined Edventure because I wanted an education that really helps me find what I love to do and that teaches me about life. Edventure gave me a blank canvas to experiment on. The freedom and every growing opportunity that have come my way since being involved with Edventure has in turn challenged me to learn to recognise what is truly right for me.”


Lily joined our team to tackle food waste in Frome that led to us setting up the first UK Community Fridge. She went on to set up The Pitney Farm cafe to help people reconnect with where their food comes from, selling local, organic veg and running community events.

“Many of the skills I learnt during my time with Edventure had a direct impact on my ability to confidently move forward into setting up my own project.”


Rosa took part in the start-up course looking for some practical business skills in setting up and running an enterprise with people and wanted to meet like minded people. She went on to work for a crisis support charity that tackles homelessness and food poverty, and set up a food growing project for them.

Read her full story here:

“I am grateful for all the skills I gained which undoubtedly opened up the opportunity into my current role.”


Katie joined our 2nd start-up course in 2014 went on to start one of the first Food Assemblies in the UK, an online and in-person market to sell locally produced food and promote their producers.

“I joined Edventure to have the opportunity to be involved with lots of different projects, to find out what I want to do in the future. I wanted to work with like minded people and be part of a community. After the course I was much more likely to take risks, happier in what I am doing and more confident.”


Charley joined the team that set up Share - Library of things. She was later employed by the project as the shop manager, went on to manage an adventure playground, various community projects, and is running a photography business.

“The course had such a big impact on my life. I can’t think of anywhere else where I’d have the opportunity to create a sustainable business from scratch and get involved with every step of the process – from
writing a business plan to actually building the shop interior.”


Ben joined edventure after completing a business undergraduate degree, and was looking for a more meaningful career. He later got employed by a tech start-up, a social enterprise working in the health sector.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Edventure as a stepping-stone. The best part was that we were able to mould the experience to our own interests.”